Does anyone feel guilty about the effects of the new patch?


I never had a problem with the original version of the game, but people complained and complained. Then they made changes. Then I complained and complained.

I reviewed the latest patch and realize TRS really goes beyond itself to please gamers. I kinda feel guilty about all the nagging I did. I realized that they could create all the updates they want, and gamers may never be happy.

I will just go with the flow from now on. Does anyone feel the same way?


Guilty nope. Lost faith in humanity? Yes.

People are so fucking dumb.


I never complained, so I don’t feel guilty, but I’m honestly disappointed at the way people always whine about something or other, and how rude they can be. I mean, I don’t care how overpowered you think something is, it doesn’t give you an excuse to insult a development team that poured blood sweat and tears into this thing. I feel sorry for them, reading all the complaints as they try their hardest to please an insatiable community. I think they’ve done a DAMN fine job.


And what in the last patch exactly was tweaked unjustified to complain about? They are all solid tweaks.


The devs created blast game!


I feel guilty about how easy it still is to kill Behemoth and how salty the Monster players must be. It’s always the characters I like the most that are the least balanced. :cry:

I mean, it was a balance patch in a multiplayer game, it’s not like they were caving to public pressure or something - they’re supporting their game. I give the devs a lot of slack that a lot of people don’t, and I also support the game as much as I can and remain active in the community. I’m not gonna be overly douchey about it, but I’m still gonna call them as I see them; constructive criticism, tough but fair - whatever you wanna call it. The fact that I’m still paying money for new content and that I take things seriously rather than just bitching & moaning is enough for me.

They ask for feedback knowing it’s not all gonna come from mature, rational people; I’m sure they can deal with the situation and make the best out of it that they can - these are adults, doing a job, and it’s a great job to be able to do.


Heeeeeeeeey…Not all of us are incessant whiners, come on. :stuck_out_tongue: I play equal parts Hunter and Monster, and to be honest the balance is more or less fine with a few exceptions…Kraken, Sunny, looking at you two clowns.


I swear most Monster players quit the game after their first loss. That’s what it feels like sometimes. “The game is pay to win because Sunny!!” Except your Kraken from the base game can still curbstomp DLC Sunny. Just sneak for the buff, Stage up once, and stop whining.


D: <Bbbbbbbbbbbbbb


I wouldn’t exactly say behemoth is still really easy to kill


I wouldn’t exactly say he’s not either. He’s a giant target-shaped target. His best chance is outdamaging the Hunters in a brawl, but even then he needs friendly terrain. If his Rock Wall & Tongue Grab were more reliable and he could roll further away…


To be honest, Brohemoth is sort of a bad joke. If you have a little bit of high ground there’s nothing he can do to get you and any of the Assault characters can easily crit his stomach for extreme damage. Add in a good Cabot, and you have roast Behemoth for lunch.


The rock wall isn’t bad, it’s still plenty reliable. The tongue grab gets some getting use to though, although it can be a little unreliable at timers. Also, he was design to force separate the hunters through battle field control and he is meant to roll up and do basic damage. His basic damage is his more powerful attack


I don’t really know where u are coming from, behemoth can still deal with them using his moves. Maybe u just aren’t facing or using behemoth to his full potential. Behemoth as way too much armor/health and can easily force them out if positioning with his moves


But that’s what I mean, his battlefield control needs to control the battlefield or he’s just soaking damage. Every missed Tongue Slap that decides not to work, every Rock Door with a huge gap in it, and all that distance of traversal he lost in the patch, that’s control of the battlefield he lost and more damage he took instead. It’s like he’s the only Monster that has critical misses, failed to cast spell. They are already low-damage abilities designed to augment his damaging abilities. He isn’t the best at changing elevations to follow kiting Hunters, so he depends on Tongue Grab pulling targets to him, he depends on Rock Wall blocking that damage so he can escape.


I’m sorry but no, no it isn’t. A twig in the way makes a massive hole in it. Cabot neuters the rock wall. And there’s a bug where sentries can shoot through it.

Let’s see:

Tongue Grab: Assuming he can hit me with that, one jetpack dodge and lolnope, I’m back on my ledge.

Lava Bomb: Damage is negligible, I can just move an inch to the left and avoid the lava cluster, or move to a different ledge. Pathetic.

Fissure: Yeah, quick dodge then I’m back on the ledge.

Rock wall…Do I need to say anything? First of all it’ll break under me because that’s what it does, second of all it’s just giving me more height and room to evade.

As I just said, no. He cannot.

See, that’s the thing. He. Literally. Metls. He’s impossible to miss, he has a HUGE critzone…Behemoth melts under fire. He isn’t a tank of any kind.

I don’t play him, find him boring, but I’ve fought Behemoths who could mop the floor with a good team as Goliath and then get demolished as Behemoth. They were using him as well as anyone could, but it didn’t matter. Behemoth is a joke.

…Hope that wasn’t too harsh. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s my honest thoughts on Behemoth. He just can’t cut it.


But the rock wall and tongue grab don’t normally fail so much to the point u are taking insane damage. Plus u got all that armor and health, so it’s not necessarily a problem. Also, just keep rolling if u have enough stamina change ur positions to avoid damage. U should have enough stamina for quick dodging


Except it all goes down in a few seconds. Like, really actually, being totally serious here, Behemoth goes down faster than any other Monster.


the wraith patch was the best change ever.


I’m speaking from the perspective of an Assault who gets excited when people pick Behemoth. I use Hyde all the time now so I can actually literally melt his health bar, and he can’t do all that much about it unless he somehow manages to wipe the whole team through lots of melee, lava AOE and force of will. I am literally surprised when I’m grabbed successfully by a Tongue Grab, like “How did that happen?” I can think of 2 or 3 times from the 7 or 8 matches against him yesterday. I actually feel bad for people playing Behemoth, because I want him to be challenging. I never feel bad when I beat a Goliath.