Does anyone else think golitah is a bit op


in my opinion the goliath is to fast and way to strong one rock throw can down two to three hunters and charge is way to fast i would rather fight a stage 3 wraith than a stage 3 goliath.


Nope, Goliath is right where he should be.


Nah, my baby is fine, if he changes ill riot


He’s fine, but punishing if you make mistakes. Stop making mistakes.


even if you dont make mistakes and trap it at stage 2 it is to fast to hit with mortars or orbital barrages plus ppl use charge to run away much like warp blast with the wraith just my opinion


If the monster is using abilities to flee he isn’t using them to kill you. Makes the medics life 10x easier.

Aim where the monster is going with Torvald. The reason most people are garbage with him is because they aim exactly at him, and expect to hit. Aim for where he is going not where he is.

Orbital Barrage is a defensive tool and should be used as such in combat. It’s a 100% guaranteed peel, or 4 bars of permanent HP damage.


And it starts. Pls TRS nerf all monsters. After Kraken it is Goliaths turn.


Goliath is fine.

If his health isn’t going down much he’s probably got the damage resistance perk. If he’s doing major damage he’s either levelled up the abilities or he’s using the damage perk, or both.

The actual monster is fine, but because the hunters are never told after the match what perk the monster was using I think these OP threads have got a bit out of control.

Before I levelled up my abilities for Wraith and kraken I could be beaten by good players. Now those good players need to be using hunters with upgraded skills. I’ve upgraded, so do you expect that to not have an impact on the outcome of game if the hunters are using 1star abilities?


Don’t worry they’ll nerf him, just like how they nerf other monsters constantly.


i agree there.are a lot of thesse threads ( first it was wraith now kraken and behemoth) which are not op


I feel like Goliath is easily the most balanced Monster. It doesn’t matter which character you pick, everyone can manage against him, whereas Maggie struggles a little against Kraken for example. In the right hands he’s devastating.


Goliath is perfect. Kraken is the only OP monster right now.


i dont think kraken is op, its very slow unless you have movement speed lightning strike is easy to dodge and the kraken is the easiest monster to get headshot damage on


Goliath is definitely OP, he needs nerfed. Did you know he can throw giant rocks at people? Ridiculous…


Thats nothing compared to Behemoth, he can make walls OUT OF ROCKS


im not saying rush out and nerf it im just saying its a ( bit).to fast and.strong


Or how he is made out of rocks, and magma? Impossibly OP…


And he can roll into a ball made of rock?!?!
Too OP, weapons can’t even break rock without Cabbage


Yep as a kraken player, anyone using Val and Griffin together can be pretty decent. The tranq drops you from the sky and Griffin (or Maggie) can hold you in place so the team can land some headshots.

Takes some coordination but it’s doable.

Thing is I hardly ever face Griffin as Kraken. It’s always Slim and Crow or Abe. That harpoon gun with fast reload is so annoying so I’m thankful everyone has overlooked it :wink:


Kraken is the strongest monster, I refuse to say OP as I don’t believe any of the monsters are OP, Goliath is definitely not OP though.

I’m a hunter player as well I just don’t see the need for any more monster alterations just yet, bar maybe a very slight cool down increase in Krakens vortex, very slight :smile: