Does anyone else hate playing as the monster?

Ok, I never liked playing as the monster since launch in didn’t think it was bad just not my cup of tea. Though now that the new arena mode is up i decided to try them out again. I know im not going to be a pro at first but the more abd more i played as the monster i absolutely hated it. Then i went to hunt to see if that was diff but that was 10 tikes worse. I couldn’t get away no matter what i tried and when i did fight i didnt feel luke a monster i felt like a bug getting squished. Now its probably just me but if your winning consistently as a monster you have earned my respect bc this shit is ridiculous.


I’m not a massive fan as i just flail about and die but i don’t hate it.

I like playing as monster.

Hunters side feels more rewarding and fun

I totally agree with you on that one. Being able to work with a team of hunters, there’s just no better feeling!

I like playing both sides.


I don’t like being the monster either. I have it as the lowest preference and I’ll only play it for a round before I bail.

There are no monster haters IN BA SING SE.


I wish they had Hunter and Monster lobbies. I’d never be Monster…

Take movement speed 100% of the time. Sneak away from start if the trapper isnt maggie. If its maggie, then be prepared to run constantly and juke the domes.

dont ask questions IN BA SING SE

Or Crow. He exists.

He doesnt know where you are at all times

You don’t like it, that’s fine. There are lots of us who like playing with the monster better than with the hunters. Live and let live. I see no reason really to express something so obvious like the fact that some players will prefer hunters vs monsters or vice versa…

There is no logic in Ba Sing Se!

It’s my favorite role, but it’s also the most frustrating to be honest. I mean, when I play hunter I can have frustrating matches, yes, but NOTHING like monster matches, ever, not even beta Wraith or ungroundable Kraken, nothing in this game is as frustrating as many monster matches IMO.

Well i agree with one thing and that not being able to get away. I find it bullpoopy that when a monster runs all the way from one end of the map to the other end and you still wont have time to fully evolve before getting domed and shot in the face.

As do I ironically the only time I won was against a team of 40’s I was playing Wraith and I was drunk so hard

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This screenshot should tell you about how much I play monster :3


Like to play monster every now and then for a change, but only when I know I’m gonna go against a team of equal skill, otherwise its just frustrating running around and never losing the hunters.

Certainly gets my heart racing.