Does anyone else find it hard to dodge mortars with Golaith?


With Golaith I am constantly getting pegged by mortars and not because I am staying in one spot but the opposite. I will use a traversal when I hear the mortar go off but with Golaith if Torvald is close enough will just leap up into the mortars. Does anyone else have this problem? Thoughts or advise would be nice.

This isn’t usually to much of a problem with decent players but with good ones I cannot avoid the mortars Golaith’s traversal sends you into the air right at them.


Dodging them? No. Try and get more horizontal-ish leaps in? Or use LS or Charge to move fast.


Ah well I don’t usually pick charge cause I find its hit box to be a bit irritating at times but sucks I would have to use and ability that won’t come back tell after he gets 2 -3 more shots just to have too use it again to dodge and not do damage.


Yup. It does suck. I don’t enjoy fighting Torvald at all.


Yea I am not a big fan of him either, I think his mortars need to be more spread out so it is more of a carpet bomb and less of a well mini orbital barrage.


I enjoy hitting him in the face with a giant rock slab!

I assume you mean in a seasoned players hand.