Does anyone else feel that slim isn't as good a medic anymore


I feel like his healing burst was reduced or it got a little weaker. does anyone noticed that or am i just sucking with slim for the past week.


Slim isn’t great. He gets hit, he can’t attack. Doesn’t help his damage was nerfed. I feel that Laz/Val are much better at healing than he is; unless you have a slow monster on your hands. And even then…


You need to know how spore clouds work… It!s shoot cloud and hide in tree, bush or something else… really good on map such as Aviary, fursion plant and all those with a lot of flora.


Yeah, Slim is honestly the worst Medic of the bunch. His healing is vastly inferior to Val’s- less HPS, incomparable range, puts him right in the thick of it. The extra damage is kind of nice, but negligible. And spore clouds do not compete with tranqs in any fashion.

Caira has ridiculous heals, Val has a looooot of utility and some good healing + damage mitigation for the team, and Lazarus forces a Monster to commit to a fight and allows the team to do a tonne of damage to him.

Slim is just like asking for a loss.


And they should boost his ability to heal in compensation for reducing the spore range.



A slim team to me is like a Lazarus team. They have to commit to a plan of keeping slim alive, while the monster has to commit to downing him first. A good slim isn’t so easily exposed and chooses front line teammates or ones that can add protection.

I’m just saying the man is deadly in the right hands with the right backup, and with the combination of spore cloud, constant regen and the bug. He is one of the best at keeping the team on its feet. The monster can’t down the people if he doesn’t even know how much health they have… And a smart support pops invis and makes the whole team truly invisible… He’s also the best medic at getting focused cause he can stay up longer than laz and val at least… And he can always heal… Even if its just a lil


His healing just isn’t strong enough to justify using him. He at least needs to not take knockback when using the Leech Rifle because it eliminates his healing entirely.


He is tough right now… I wouldn’t mind if they gave him like a 10% self heal boost to help him stay up… But I think if they went that drastic he would be OP.

No other medic can focus heal a teammate and pop 4 healing fields in less than 15 seconds

It would really be nice if they made the spore cloud work on hunters


No, I would support a 15% self healing buff…Right now he’s just too squishy.

Get it? Cause he’s a bug…I thought it was funny. >.>


But he’s soooooo powerful against the new guys… I can already see the OP rage hate threads. No bueno

He’s my fave


Meh, i dunno. Like stated above, if you keep him alive with a Hank or Sunny he is actually pretty good still. I fear for the spore cloud reduction because of it. Spore cloud is basically your main ability, simply for the fact that ever second the monster is in the cloud does INSANE utility for the team. It allows you to focus heal people in the back with a drone (yes Slim requires people to drop back from a fight sometimes) and he can absolutely tank the shit out of monsters on his own.

When Sunny’s shield is up I survive longer than Assault going 1 vs 1 against a monster. If I still had my damage, heck I could even down a monster on my own. Slim’s danger is that he cannot focus heal. But he has a gun that removes ‘focus’ from a monster. The more flora around Slim and his clouds, the harder it becomes to counter him.

I dunno, I counter the best monsters with Slim and great teamplay. It’s like watching their entire skillset fail in front of me. Best counter medic next to Lazarus.

My problem with Slim is his range (vs Kraken and Wraith), his drone that gives no feedback whatsoever if it’s active or dead. And his ability to be a healer without Hank or Sunny. If you can’t focus heal at all, you are allowing strikes, if you are allowing strikes you give the monster a lot more opportunities to counter and strike the entire team.

I think the only boost that Slim could use is either a more robust drone, or have change the Healer Burst so it is stronger and more powerful in the center, and has a 30% decrease in strength near the borders. The closer you are to Slim, the more healing you will get, but with more risks involved.



I think Slim is useful against Behemoth, but the other monsters just stay out of damage too much for him to be able to reliably heal. I agree that Spore Gun is his main weapon in battle, but when the fight is on I never see a scenario where you can’t be healing regularly, so that dynamic of the spore gun being the most useful thing doesn’t make sense.

Caira spams grenades ALL GAME against good aggressive monsters and maybe, just maybe, keeps everyone alive if they’re lucky. Val can try to heal all through a fight but will run out of juice, which is a death sentence against monsters that can traverse to you without slow penalty and/or chain from distance. Laz obviously doesn’t heal and has his own particular set of issues on this front, but at least has the opportunity to undo the damage.

Slim is just chaos. To heal anywhere near the level of Caira the spore gun is rarely, if at all, an option. Healing drone is super important but only useful if you are situationally aware enough inside the environment of trying to both land a lot of hits to recharge your heal burst AND avoid the monsters attention (i.e. you’re too pro for me bro).

I believe in the right hands he could be devastating, and that means the other hands in your team being super in tune with how to play with a slim player, but people compare him to Laz for a reason… high risk reward, except I guess at least it comes down to how good Slim is more than the monster.


What if we could charge his bug to give a burst of health as it arrives. Or a charged bug could stick around for a couple of extra hits.

I feel like this tweak would be negligible but allow him a bit of focused healing


I think slims gun should work more like abes: super tight spread on the 1st shot and if you fire slow, but big spread of you fire fast. Lets you heal more reliably from a distance.


Calling in @ZeroClarity for opinions.
(I play a bunch with him and he’s a pretty good Slim.) What’s yo’ opinion on Slim bro? Where does he stand?


Last night vs a friend goliath, I used slim. I found the armadon 35% damage reduction buff in the match, while using 100% quick switch. I was able to survive a pounce from the monster for over 10 seconds, and then began to tank the monster by rapidly shooting my leech gun as well as switching between the spore cloud to keep myself cloaked throughout the time the monster was in the dome. It was both amusing and hilarious to watch a medic tank the crap out of goliath.


Yeah I think he isn’t good anymore. No matter how hard I’m multitasking with him I still get beaten rather quick and most of the times I can’t keep the team up. He’s DLC and he’s worse than val at healing? sighs


Slim IMO is the easiest healer to deal with. His spores are a gimmick in that if you just simply use your eyes and ears even a little, his spore cloud is useless. Not only that but he can’t heal worth a damn and you can pound away at the the hunters.