Does anyone broadcast the PS4 Evolve tournaments?


The question is right in the title. I can find xbox and there is plenty of PC broadcasts, but I can’t find any Ps4.


Keep an eye on this thread. It’s a tournament for all platforms. More details in the thread. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the link


Any particular tournaments?


No problem. Keep an eye on the ‘competitive’ category for any new tournament details. They should be there if anywhere. :slightly_smiling:


Well, the Shear Violence Tournament videos are kind of half up, @Shunty can link you to them. QS tournament videos are all in the link above, and no one streams Battlefy tourneys.


Any of them really I just wanted to see some higher end ps4 gameplay.


Here, try this.


That’s a playlist of all 7 matches currently uploaded. We’ll have more soon.


Cool, it looks like I have something to watch tonight. Thanks


I’ll close this thread now if that’s all you were looking for. :slightly_smiling:


Request has been fulfilled.