Does anyone actually use anything but google? And if so, why?



Is there any real reason to use any other search engine? O.o

And yes, @Pythios and @DarkMesa, this is indeed a result of that. :smiley:


Google is love, Google is life.

Google is also organized.


Bing is my default browser for some reason, first time I typed ‘G’ it came up with Google, Google images, Gmail etc.


Google is trying to take over the world. But they do a good job as a search engine. There are other engines though. The only other one I’d probably use is Duckduckgo, but that’s if I was paranoid. Which I’m really not.





I only really use it. Unless I am on mobile in which case I use my default.


I’d use bing , but it’s hella unappealing to even look at . Google is just GOAT .


I don’t mind looking at Bing, but the search results are trash. :no_mouth:

Totally unrelated finds, compared to Google.


I always get "explicit " results with bing so I just quit using it. However I really like bing rewards , I managed to snag a Psn card from it



Hey, not everyone in my family knows english well enough!

…Even if google is actually translated to it.


I used Bing for two weeks until I got a GameStop giftcard, then I swore to never use that piece of shit search engine again.

Also, do you use anything other than Gmail? If so, why?
I have family high up in corporate jobs, and they throw away your resume if they see AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail lol


I use Google and Mozilla Firefox, I find them both very nice, but since all my accounts are made with Gmails I tend to use Google more xD

Edit: But honestly, Google offers a lot of stuff, especially for school and university.

Essay? Google Docs
Presentation? Google Slides.
Storing and sharing documents? Google Drive.


I only use Google.


Why do you do this to me. D:

Now I’m going to spend the rest of my evening on google images looking at kittens! D:


I dont need Google, my wife knows everything :slightly_smiling:


duckduckgo, for paranoia


I only use Google because it allows more customized control over my search queries, like excluding certain websites from my search or finding results that only match the exact order of words.


Bing videos with moderation disabled.
Bing rewards actually work - you can exchange points for gift cards or other things.

[edit] wow… just wow… really? I’m amused… wow…


I use Yahoo for school, but mostly use Gmail for my work, and it’s were I linked my YouTube channel(and that’s very important to me). So I feel gmail is for more serious buisness, that’s why I even have it on the forum, I use it frequently.


Funny, I use Yahoo for business and Gmail for fun stuffs.