Does anybody want to play the monster?


I’m a new player. I played about 30 matches yesterday and I was the monster about half the time, even though I had monster as my #5 choice. Especially as it got late in the evening, it was obvious that nobody wanted to play the monster.

Was I just unlucky, or does nobody want to play the monster? In other words, do a lot of people have my experience? I had a lot of fun being the hunter, but monster was something I endured.

If this is a general problem, what can be done about it?


as you get higher level its the opposite. matchmaking will be changed im sure. right now it just bases it on level and forgets the rest.

honestly if you dont want to play monster my advice to you is to play it in solo for a bit and get good at causing damage with the abilities. that way if you get put into a match as monster you dont need to care.

also in solo mode you can farm some other monsters past goliath (the kraken and wraith) as well as masteries (will add lots of levels if you go for a mastery, farming mastery in custom is like saying “bring it, put me with higher levels”)

playing the monster takes a different mindset. you can always spam your aoe detect so its hard to get ambushed. you must set the ambush and find areas where your attacks are most powerful (IE caves where your attacks can only hit from one side but will hit everything infront of you) or where there are steamadons (smoke grenade cover) or lots of food, or an elite monster you can perk swap on with a decoy (if wraith)

my advice is to play a solo game as a warmup as kraken just to get your blood flowing before fighting a possible team

most of the time i play monster if i can. i can’t a lot of the time because of matchmaking. if i had the choice i’d play

A) different people every match, unless somebody wants re
B) monster most of the time

i can’t though. at this level right now there are not many people playing (different searches often come back with the same people half an hour apart). i’m going to personally leave evolve for a couple of weeks and come back when there are more people in the matchmaking pool or there is a matchmaking change.

it’s hard to get a full game, and like i said often people want to play monster so the game empties, or it gets stuck loading, or somebody can’t connect, or they are from a different region and i can’t connect to them.


The learning curve for monster is like 5 times greater than that of a hunter. You won’t see many monsters till later on.


If it’s a matter of new player vs experienced player, that’s kind of problematic. I know it’s fashionable to deride noobs, but they’re the lifeblood of a successful MMO. If you lose the noobs, you lose the game.

Especially when you look down the road a couple of months to the points where noobs inevitably start drying up a little but you still need to keep that trickle coming. Noob matchmaking will become more difficult, as it always does for every game, and noobs will get stuck playing the monster, not having fun, and not sticking around.