Does anybody really think 5 seconds of supernova is enough? Thoughts on Wraith


After playing wraith extensively after it was properly nerfed, I realized that the nerf wasn’t really proper. A nerf was obviously needed but I can’t help but think that the way they rebalanced the skills was wrong. To cut to the chase, warp blast is a must have skill which is frankly, in my opinion, slightly too strong. Apart from that every other skill seems lacking.

  1. Abduction: I’ve abducted hunters only for it, hitting them dead on, to decide not to catch them. This has happened numerous times, let alone getting caught on a branch. Enough so that even after putting 3 points into it, it feels like too much of a gamble with too little return in most cases. Not only this but anything less than 3 points is gimping your range and putting you dangerously close to the hunters. A hitbox adjustment would do wonders for making this a must have skill.

  2. Supernova: 5 seconds is NOT enough. One single boost puts hunters out of your reach and you simply don’t get any time whatsoever to reposition or make use of its damage. 2 or so more seconds on it would make it worth bringing again.

  3. Decoy: I’d say this is the most balanced skill. The flickering makes sure people use it as a decoy.

  4. Warpblast: What can I say? It’s damage seems more like “warpNUKE”. It is too much of a staple now with too high damage. I’d suggest increasing the knockback and decreasing the damage in like with the whole disorientation/stealth theme of the wraith.

Tl;Dr: I hate having staple skills. Goliath is equally effective choosing any of his skills. Kraken is a bit more reliant on lightning strike but all of his skills are equally effective. Wraith NEEDS warp blast right now and that just isn’t right.


Its cuz She lacks/lacked a main damaging ability and warp has become that after the nerfs/buff. I actually like this wraith, cuz she’s funner. Abduction could use a knock-back/more damage tho since its a BIT of a gamble


No they should max it at 8 seconds probably if you have 3 points in supernova


They didn’t want Wraiths using it, so they nerfed it by 50%.

Now the best abilities, are Abduction, and Warp Blast. ^.^
Too bad, Supernova used to be balanced imo. ^.^

And Decoy is balanced? If you say so. It can stay out of my kit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been having a lot of fun with 3 warp then 3 decoy but it just feels so cheap!


I like the new changes. it makes wraith more fun to verse and play. Its also more balance in my opinion. As for need warp blast, i disagree. Abduct --> supernova combo works very well still. Anyway before supernova was need in the same sense. its just a switch. so players play her as intended.


A jetpack boost can get you out of the way of RT and LS too but those don’t need to be buffed. I think it is all about using it at the right time.


The new Wraith meta is just use Abduct -> Warp Blast, repeat. You don’t even need decoy or supernova.

People complained too much and now supernova is useless as hell.

‘hurr durr we managed to make supernova less lethal but keep all the damage!’
-Brilliant TRS balancing team


Abduct is buggy now…I still love it but it sucks to get a dead on hit and not get the Abduction. :confused:

Agreed. And the new nerf forces you to break line of sight before using it- now it feels more cunning and sneaky both as and against the Wraith.

Agreed. SN is just pathetic.

If they nerf this they have to buff SN again or Wraith has no reliably damaging moves. I think it’s fine as is though, because Warp Blast is so slow and conspicuous.


I would rather increase the base damage and attack speed of supernova, keeping the difference between 1 and 3 the same (2,3,4 becomes 4,5,6), this way it is better with less points than 3, and the shorter duration but insane damage potential force hunters to get out asap or get absolutely wrecked.


Somewhere along the line you’ll meet proper Hunters where you really don’t want to stay any longer than 5 seconds inside your Supernova anyways.


I have no issues with just one point into Supernova… because warpblast will finish the job.


I’ve been going 3 SN, 2 abduct, and 1 warp at stage 2 and doing very well. With supernova you just gotta find an opening. Make someone waste their jetpack with basic attacks or warp blast. Look for people backed up against a wall.


I thought supernova was fine the way it was dunno why it needed to be nerfed. You almost might as well not get it now since they dodge and you just wasted a supernova


Wraith is in a bad spot at the moment. She switched from a decoy spammer into a undodgeable 60% hp chunk machine. TRS needs to think long and hard what they want to do with Wraith and then begin to bring her into a fun and balanced direction.


I feel super nova is right where it needs to be. You look for a target with low health, warp in, pop super nova to get the kill, and warp out. It’s meant to be a finisher and plays more like a hit and run ability.


If it’s meant to be finishing move then what is meant to be main damage ability?


Neber thought I’d ever agree with you on something.

With all the hate on Kraken now, I’ve been playing wraith more since a lot of people disconnect once they see a krakem. :frowning:

I like to play like an arena stage boss. Like those old games.
Where I run around pillars and decoy to confuse, reposition and go in for a kill. Hehe really fun.

  • Warp Blast:

  • I have to say this is OP, maxed out? It’s not fair for the hunters as they cannot dodge it. The damage is too high. I guess they can keep this a damage dealer just with a more dodge able time Or make it more tactical As a way to spread out the hunters.

  • Abduction:

  • God I love this ability. When it actually works. The box is messed still messed up, I would like them to tweak it so that if there’s a wildlife near a hunter, it willpriorities hunters more.

  • Decoy:

  • It is pretty balance I believe where it is right now. Devs already said they won’t tweak the damage anymore and the duration is really fine right now. Happy with this as the decoy is pretty dumb right now so it’s balance.

  • Supernova:

  • Right now I feel like this is Wraith’s weakest ability. Borderline Aftershock on Kraken but least effective.
    The duration is too low, hunters just can’t go down in them anymore and the damagenis laughable. I’ve never bothered to play with this and only put 1 point in it once I’m stage three.

Hit and warp blast is more fun, so yeah. I feel it is too short, maybe give it a 15% increase. I think that means 35% from the last nerf?
Maybe they could give the ability a 30 second cooldown but keep it from, and just lower the duration 20% from where it wss before 1.2

It is nice when you have a low health hunter to finish them off, but a simple melee attack can work just the same.


Actually its, abduct -> heavy melee -> warp blast -> melee one or two more times to finish off -> warp away -> decoy -> reposition -> and repeat.

Oh no, my secret. Its out. It’s really fun playing like this especially if you focus on killing the assault first.


It’s a joke to hear people say supernova was ok before.

Being able to stand toe to toe with the assault - through his shield - down him and then finish him was WAAY too long.

Supernova was not meant to be a “insane damage dealer, regardless of situation”

It’s meant to be the main damage dealer for wraith when you play her right.

It’s about isolating targets and striking them at the right time.

And you know how potent it can be because hunters will use their entire jet pack just to get out!

So, try using it after they’ve used all their jet pack already - just like with Kraken’a light strike.

It’s not a no-brainer win button. It’s meant to be used strategically by monster players who outthink the competition.

In that context, the context it was meant for, it still shreds.