Does anybody have this badge?


And if you do, how did you get it?


I never got that badge


I think that was an old badge you would get by simply playing 5(?) matches as a monster in legacy. Don’t know if i have it right know in stage 2. I had this in legacy.


I’ve got it in legacy. No clue how I got it though.


well in legacy you got it through ranked play i think, now its a mystery much like badge colours…


It came from an in-game achievement for winning X matches as hunter (the mask in your picture) or monster (the dragon to the right of the mask) back in Legacy. I don’t think they are available in Stage 2 just yet.


That one I believe was the hunter badge in legacy for reaching a certain rank in ranked.


That badge can not currently be unlocked, but we are hoping you’ll be able to get it soon!!! :scream:

Take a good look at the trello board if you want to know how!!! :wink:


takes a good look

:maggie:: “I see youuu!”


I’m not. Do you mean the Map Variants Rewards? Hum…