Does an all-offense team make sense?


Let’s say we have a team like this:

Rogue Val (the most offensive of all medics)
Crow/Abe (an offensive trapper with stasis)
Kala/Cabot (for beam shenanigans and good personal damage)
Renegade Abe (for boosting the entire team’s damage) (or Parnell if Cabot is on the team already)

Just by mentioning these names together I can feel the high damage output we’d get… but would a team like this stand a chance?
While the damage will surely be impressive, all it takes for the monster is to focus one hunter and the rest can hardly do anything to protect them, easily giving them a strike and decreasing the team’s damage output for easier following strikes.

I know that the essence of the game is monster hp vs strikes tradeoffs, but since this game is so burst based, would an all-in team like this stand a chance even if they could punish the monster for just being near them?


IMO no.Monsters lately have too fast armor regen from perks or feeding,and they can do the cheese run->regen armor in 10 sec->return to relay tactic

So no matter what your damage is,you will eventually lose because of strikes if your hunters are not well protected.I think a balanced comp is the best,you can do enough damage to not be ignored,but in the meantime you can’t allow the monster to get strikes and leave until he can easily win the last fight


I argue that slim is more offensive than rval. But overall this team is played, just with a good medic


If you’re going with Rogue Val for medic then I’d rather have Bucket as support considering he’s an offensive and defensive support imo.

When Rogue Val uses her healburst her healing becomes terrible but with Bucket you could shield burst before she has to use it to maximise the use of her passive healing and then used mechanised recharge right after she uses healburst so that the passive healing is back and she can healburst again if she needs too. You’ll also get more shieldbursts from his ability too which will keep people alive longer too.

You could keep a well organised team alive for a long time if you use this right.


Personally I don’t think renegade abe is an offensive comp character. His damage is too low IMO for that.

IMO probably not. You want a team that can mitigate for long enough to get good damage done. That applies to both defensive and offensive comps. I don’t think that the support and trapper can mitigate for long enough in the given comp because you picked all of the least defensive options. I.E. Rogue Val, Crow/Abe, Kala/Cabot and the assault, renegade abe, which is IMO least likely to capitalize on offensive comps.


It all really depends on how good the hunter team is at avoiding damage and how good the monster is at actually dealing damage.

If you can dodge well and don’t rely on Hank/Sunny then an offensive comp can absolutely melt the monster. The game could be over in at least 2 domes

If the monster is semi-competent and can land hits then strikes will be big negatives for your team and the monster will be able to escape the fight quicker and regen armour without your team dealing any damage. All those strikes soon add up to a horrible defeat at a stage 3 fight

I feel the most offensive comp at the moment is:


Well, maybe.

But I think at least a pure defence Medic (or Lazarus) is necessary.

In that comp, Cabot will die in literally two seconds flat. R.Val cannot heal anyone for crap. Substitute her for, say, Caira- very good defence with speed and strong healing, as well as DoT’s and speed for pressuring and damage? Then you’re talking.

Medic needs to be strong, the cornerstone. Caira would keep herself and the team alive pretty decently; long enough, unlike R Val, to ensure that they actually do have the opportunity to shred a monster.

My favorite offence comp is probably Caira, Cabot, Abe and either a very very good Torvald who’s on mic with me, a good Parnell, a good Hyde or a good Blitz Markov.

No matter who he focuses, basic kiting and Caira’s brute force heal potential will keep them standing for a fair while and the Assault’s going to absolutely decimate the monster.

Plus, Abe has very good pressuring ability with the dart and his Stasis makes damage and kiting easier.

And we all know that his shotgun is absolutely not to be sniffed at either…


Renegabe is probably my favorite Hunter right now and I don’t get the grief his damage gets. It’s not crazy bursty but it’s reliable if you can aim and it adds up terrifyingly quickly. He also has ASTOUNDING chase damage since Penitance is hitscan and has a really low spread. If you can keep cycling between that and the dart gun on the chase you can deal a whole bar of health damage for free, depending on the route the monster takes. Add in the Cabot amp and things get painful.


He hasn’t got amazing burst damage but great chip damage like Markov/Hyde, but because of the poison dot nobody notices it doing work and the monster will sometimes over extend not realising how much damage Rabe is actually doing. Same with hunters, I never feel like I’m doing great damage until I take a glace at the monster’s hp and realise “Damn that poison is doing work!”

He’s most effective on the chase after a fight stacking poison so that the monster doesn’t regen armour and will constantly take hp damage