Does Abe's stasis work on krackens


Am I seeing things or does stasis have no effect on krackens in combat crows seem to slow the krackens but don’t bring him down if he’s in combat and Abe’s well they might just be a joke they don’t do anything in combat he just floats there as far as I can tell


It’s a bug. Kraken can’t be effected by CC right now. It’s going to be fixed in the next patch.


Oh thank god cause I was playing yesterday and this guy was just letting loose on me (verbally words that were used shall not be mentioned) about stasising the kracken cause I made some comment about getting like 7 domes and him losing next to no health and I was wondering why it wasn’t working cause the next game I straight through stasis one dome and he never even touched the ground


Yes, I know the feeling. It will be addressed soon.


So frustrating that the kracken would be balanced if not for a stupid set of bugs


So they´re going too take away one of his few ways of actually not getting hit?.


They’re not taking it away. It’s always been like that. He’s bugged right now.


So the kraken is bugged, even tho it´s Abe´s Stasis that doesnt Work properly? because if it did, he´d be grounded when hit with it, yes?


Look at abes grenades when it hits any other monster. Theyre all slowed. When stasis hits kracken it doesnt phase him. Kracken is bugged as any form of slow harpoon ect doesnt do what theyre supposed to against him


As i´ve experienced, he is being slowed down when flying/hovering or whatever they call it, i think it´s fine, harpoons and such should drag him down. but “stasis” is only meant too slow down monsters, which already does from what i´ve seen (even in recent games as any monster i play)


He supposed to be grounded whenever affeccted by harpoons or stasis. Not just slowed.


I think it did Work on him once, can´t tell when it stopped having set effect, but the question on my mind still stands, is it the grenade that´s broken and doesnt drag him down, or the kraken is somewhat “immune” too stasis drag down? If so, would that mean Crow´s stasis gun (i belive it´s called) also doesnt have the effect on him.


The latter. No CC works on Kraken when he’s flying. Harpoons stop him but don’t ground him, and Stasis does literally nothing.


Ah right, just thought it did, was sure it happened too me once, but guess not lol.


It may happen once in a while. But it’s supposed to do it every time you’re hit


I can confirm that Griffin’s harpoon does indeed ground the Kracken. I was showing a friend in customs about 2 days ago. Are you sure he’s bugged?


I can do some tests with all the trappers and see, I know 100% that Maggie and abe do jack shit im not certain with griffin or crow but ill test later.


Harpoons don’t bring Kraken down and they are supposed to, along with the stasis and tranqs. It will be fixed soon. Trappers are all useless versus Kraken right now. I’ve stopped bothering with anything but shooting and doming when facing them currently, as I am a trapper main.


Cool more trapper mains plz tell me your someone besides griffin he’s becoming to popular


I usually main as Maggie because I love being able to hop around placing my harpoons and making monsters angry having to swipe them all off. Sometimes I will go Crow for the slows. If it’s Defend I am usually Abe all the way.