Does abduction get a bigger hit box with more points?


will the size of it get bigger if you put more points in it if so how does it work now and will it change in 9.0


We’re not like to find out the changes in 9, but nice try. :wink:


how does it work right now though


Pretty sure it’s just range and damage.


aww I was thinking of a new strategy but its not gonna work :frowning:


This can be closed then? Question answered to your satisfaction?



In fact, because your collision gets bigger with each stage abduct actually becomes slightly less effective as you stage up.


so its best to keep it at 1 point


No, I mean when you stage up as monster, not the amount of points you have in it.

I would recommend 1 point at each stage since each point reduces the cooldown by 1 second.


I like having 3 points so I can grab Laz from half a map away. With any luck you can get the him down before the rest show up