Does a master star stack with perks?


Like if I had 10% more damage and say I use a 15% damage increased perk.

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Mastery increases base damage. Buffs + Perks don’t stack though. Perks and Buffs enhance base damage.


so even with the 15% damage perk I will still just do 15% damage?


No. So lets say a gun does 100 damage. Mastery fives you 10% more damage. Your base damage is 110. Then you choose the +15% perk. Your damage is based on the modified base, so 110. That means you base damage is now 116.5.


Your math has got me a bit confused. 15% increased damage, if the base becomes 110, should be adding 16.5 damage to the hypothetical “100 damage weapon” (now 110 damage) to deal 126.5 damage.


Yes, my math is bad, you are correct :stuck_out_tongue: I left a 10 digit off.


Good information though, I wasn’t aware that perks and masteries stacked like that.


The perks and buffs do not stack @Azmi_Anuar Which ever is the strongest one, that will take effect. For example, the damage perk you get at the character select is max 15%. When you kill the Elite Crowbill Sloth in game it will give you a extra 30% damage. When the player picks up the perk from the Crowbill, damage will be increased by 30% and not stack with the 15%.
So the same perks will never stack.


I can finally sleep in peace tonight.



The ultimate question is, does your mastery +10% damage stack with your +15% damage perk?

EDIT: I read the previous comments saying they do but is it confirmed?


It most definitely should. If it didn’t, that would be ridiculous.


You should edit that because the way you calculated it does indeed fully stack.


How does that work together with the buffs from Evacuation on the losing team?
And how does Caira’s speed buff work in comparison to the Albino Movement Speed buff? I got sped-up yesterday by a Caira while I had that buff, but didn’t feel any difference in speed?(Or negligible at best)


the question is what the math is

100 base damage * 1.15 * 1.1 = 126,5


100 base damage *1.15 + 100 base damage *0.1 = 125

does it stack additively or multiplicativly?

@maddcow now you said both increase base damage, but calculated it the other way around. where do you get your information?


Miyagi cleared that up above. Yes it stacks, however perks picked up from wildlife wont stack with the 15% perk. So if you get the 35% extra damage off an albino, and you have 15% already on it will set it at 30% until the timer runs out. Then it will go back to 15%.


he did not?


What do you mean?


Miyagi did not say anything about masteries?


mastery+perks stack

perks+buffs do not



good job ignoring my questions. the end.