Dodging penalty for leaving a match


I understand this could be contentious, but I really think a penalty should be applied if someone leaves a match, preferably as soon as character select is ready (i.e. after the initial countdown).

It only need be small, and possibly it could be increased once in game, but deducting something like 30 keys if someone manually exits would be of overall huge benefit for the community; this would be in addition to the time penalty.

People bailing on a match doesn’t lend itself well to community building - we all know what happens when a hunter is left on their own, and now more than ever there’s a responsibility for us veterans to help coach new players to ensure the community growth stays healthy - adding a little sting to people backing out of a match because they don’t want to play with “noobs” is a necessary evil unfortunately.

Keys for breaking a win streak

The problem is that last time such penalties were introduced, it was a very unfair system.

People would be forced to stay in a match that was already abandoned by the other players. Even though he/she were the only one left, disconnecting would mean a penalty so he/she was forced to stay in the server until Evolve finally realized no one else is left.

Or how about the countless times where the game would glitch/lag/become unplayable due to some sort of bug and the game not realizing what’s going on? You’d actually get punished for leaving a server that is clearly unplayable. Punished for leaving a match even though the game is lagging like crazy or your abilities bugged out.

I don’t mean to bash on the developers but honestly - if they can’t introduce penalties that don’t also frequently punish people who don’t do anything wrong, then I’d rather have no penalty system at all.
I’m sure ranked still has penalties where you drop tiers for losing (and leaving a match does count as losing I reckon).
But the more casual matchmaking doesn’t need any form of penalties.


As I recall, they once said that they cannot distinguish between manual quitting and actual crashing.

And then even if they could, if someone was really committed, they could turn off their PC or disconnect internet, seemingly “accidentally” disconnecting. Right?


I’m not a fan of leaver penalties in quickplay, personally. Sometimes you just have to decide not to waste your time with people that are trolling. Why should I be penalised for wanting a real match while they get rewarded for fooling around, for example?


Sure - DC’d from the server shouldn’t result in a penalty, but I just can’t understand how it’s so difficult to implement system that can properly monitor manual back outs.

And if someone is that concerned about playing a match that they actually go to the trouble of turning off their computer and having to start the game up fresh, I’d say they have bigger issues in life than loosing a few virtual coins :wink:

My concern, as an example, is veteran players - despite the skill level of new players jumping up considerably already in the last day - are refusing to go in hunter squads so they can slap new players around as monster. This seems toxic to the community in every conceivable way…


That’s pretty pathetic, then. And yes, I agree with that. Haha.

This whole thing is kind of sad, then.

Why would you want to just crush new players? It’s like you want this game to go back to 100 players on peak. As a founder myself, I like playing with newbies and giving them a few pointers, and improving my own play as I learn to be a stronger Hunter when my team is letting me down.

I don’t see the appeal in doing what they do.


Ok, so in which case a system whereby a maximum amount of back outs are allowed over a certain period. It seems to me that it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box a little here…

When there’s seemingly no way for new hunters to come into a match that people have backed out of, it can’t be much fun for people learning the ropes. The second to last game I played before I wrote this was against a wraith troll. Lo and behold, next round with me as monster, he backs out (monster preference) shortly followed by another, leaving two new-ish players against me. What of their experience?