Dodging monster attacks in style


Can I just say that out of all the monsters I love playing against Behemoth the most? He really just has that boss feel to him, more then the other monsters. You can even dodge his attacks like you would in a boss battle.

For example I once was playing Hyde, and my entire team was dead. Behemoth rolled over to take me out, and tries to point blank fissure me. I turn around and run right under his raised arms, and dodge the fissure. Then I start flaming his back because why the hell not I’m not going to last much longer anyways.

Behemoth turns around and tries to point blank lava bomb me. I run around him as he throw up lava and once again have succeeded in dodging his attack. He soon gave up and hit me to death with normal attacks unfortunately.

But after that experience now I always run behind a Behemoth whenever he tries to Fissure or Lava bomb me point blank. In fact I’ve found it works with Rock wall too, run behind him as he separates you from your team and you’ve got a head start to get away from him as he proceeds to try and kill you. What are your experiences with dodging monster attacks? :smiley:


I feel all the Monsters have the ‘boss feel’ you describe.


Its always weirdly satisfying to strafe slightly to the left/right and dodge a rock.


Running under a Kraken to dodge lightning strike, although players better than me can time a double(single??) jetpack dodge in any direction. To avoid wraith warp blasts, is it better to strafe or fly up?


Do you wanna hear about the best way to master dodging? I’m serious!

Play Lazarus in pubs. You will be on your own 99% of the time, with no support from your teammates.
That’s how I learned (and still practise) it.


Or with Crowbi and his damn charge shots… At first you spend the whole time wondering why you can never hit the monster… Till you realize you can charge gun/jetpack boost at the same time

Lol make sure you tell your teammates before you end up in a empty lobby trying to solo behemoth