Documentary about the most famous Evolve player


You know who I’m talking about.
What kind of questions should our documentary team ask him during the exclusive one-time interview?


Why the fuck does he makes thread about himself, trying to get attention.

#Cover = Blown


Excuse me?


I dont believe I know who your talking about…Ghost Robo?


I have another interview? :smiley:


No maddcow


I think he’s talking about me…

You could start off by asking for my paypal email…



First question: What is your perfect Sunday?


Noted down. Sunday as in the day or the dessert?


Well this is awkward. That question was for @MaddCow

Also, Sunday = day of the week. Sundae = dessert.


The Mountain I know wouldn’t tolerate any of these grammar And spelling errors…


Not going for a Sunday Drive a la Babylon 5.

Smart answer aside, I would never want a perfect Sunday. Then I would never have an opportunity to look forward to something that could be better. If anything, it would be sad to know that was the best day you could ever have.


Finally someone appreciate my Lazarus skills! Thanks Slovienia, I’m flattered! :blush:


As a Die hard monster player




This^^^^^^ x1,000,000,000,000,000



Is it just me, or do I see a slanted eye cow with hooks on his head?


What’s your idea of a perfect date?


IGN staff are the best players, people should take some tips from them (sarcasm)