Do you want to colonize a planet? Kepler-452b

Kepler-452b is located in the Cygnus constellation, the star is 1,400 light-years away from the Solar System; at the speed of New Horizons, the fastest spacecraft yet launched by humanity, it would take about 25.8 million years to get there.
So unless we manage to get space warping a real thing, I don’t think we’ll be getting there anytime soon.

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Of course we should colonize it!.. But I’d much rather stay here on earth myself and watch humanity forget about the wheel.

I think I’d just stay in one of Jupiter’s moons.

Maybe once it’s colonized monsters will drop down and start attacking everyone

Then we will have hunters trying to kill them

Dibs on medic

I wanna be medic too, but I’ll be on a different team.

I call
@toiletwraith as my teams assault
@IWannaBeATiger as trapper
@shaners as support.


Nvm I change my decision I want to be cute gobi on your team

I saw this in the news earlier. Pretty cool stuff tbh.

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They would have to build a large enough, cruise ship type of shuttle. This way over that 25 years they can procreate and keep the mission moving.
And that planet may not even be there when they get there. They wouldn’t know for a while if it was destroyed or anything like that. But I must say, sign me up, I want to take that journey. This planet and the society is lost. I’d love to start fresh.

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I call dibs on the harpoon gun!

do you think theyd have wifi and evolve on it? otherwise ill stay here XD

Oh crap. I didn’t think that through. Lol.

can I join a hunter team with the poon gun?

If it was possible, i’d go. Just send me with a massive amount of chocolate, energy drinks and dubstep. Buttloads of dubstep.

weee i’m popular

Galactoid 2.0

if the monsters invade, I call dibs on the harpoon

I’d rather start a colony on the moon, then Venus, then Mars once terraforming has started, but that’s my, unimportant opinion.

If everything goes according to plan, there’ll be a permanent human colony on Mars, 12 years from now.

Not according to my plan!


So is this super villian talk and do you need any henchmen? Doers of dastardly deeds? I promise any heroes need killing all you need to do is put me on retainer and pay my life insurance policy.