Do you want the Arena mode to be REMOVED from the Arcade queue?

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  • NO

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I find this mode really stupid and disappointing


I think in arcade it’s fine.


I don’t like it and many others don’t.
So I don’t see why we’ll be forced to play since pressing esc and then returning to Arcade will still bring to Arena.
I truly can’t see what’s the good you see in this mode

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Why dont arcade ppl just start using hunt beta already


Why don’t devs make a real “brand new” mode instead of a “very-short-all-action-and-no-strategy” Hunte mode?
Also i can’t understand why the Dam is available only in custom

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Yeah I just played agaisnt a monster throwing because it was arena. He just stopped moving completly while we killed him.

Judging by how much the game has turned into action fest, and there’s barely any sort of hunting and stealth in the current state, I believe that in the future arena will be the only available mode, to attract a wider audience.

Because dam is still to be finished.
About arena, you surely aren’t the only one who thinks arena isn’t fun (though i think it is funny to play). But back in legacy and now, there are people who prefer arena over hunt.


It’s still being worked on. They’re ironing out the wildlife, terrain, and just overall are still working on the map. They would just rather have us test it out in customs than have us wait another month or so for a new map.

Then create two different arcade, arena and hunt
seems quite obvious and working solution to me

They have that? Arcade and Hunt Beta

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Beta doesnt work. You either get new monsters or roflstompers. Arcade has better matchmaking.

I’m still waiting to fight a Behemoth in Arena…

See how the “best monster for arena” will do after his buffs.

In my experience it depends on the time of day, after 7:00 MST I usually get good matches.

I’ll play ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

because Hunt beta is shit. They switched the spots so noobies will use Hunt beta and get a shitty game experience for waiting up to 20 minutes for a round. Do you enjoy playing with/against people with less than 10h ingame, because they get lured into the game mode that’s at the first position? And there was a reason arena was never played on PC, shortly after it’s release

We had that in legacy, didn’t work out. It’s splitting the community

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Simple checkbox preferences would sort it. I will play on these maps (tick tick x tick x). I will play Arena (x). There ya go, no need to thank me. Arcade Mode elevated to Godlike status.

No. Simply put.
What we NEED is hunt beta to have a working match making system and everything will improve.
Arcade is now really arcadey and hunt beta is just waiting for decent matching to become a great mode


This. Hopefully it won’t be long till everyone can get a proper matchup.

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I agree:

This choice to put arena on arcade mode, split up the small playerbase even more.

  1. Arcade mode is full of casuals which vote for skip normal maps to play arena mode. Frustrating.

  2. Hunt mode is even more empty and finding an entire team requires to waste minutes to minutes…then maybe someone leave because he wasn’t quick to choose his preferred role.

///// try again until you get bored and return to arcade mode…Return to point 1)…Doh!

  1. SInce the Dam(n) map is just at custom mode, people are pushed to play premade. Less people at arcade / hunt mode.


This is no exaggeration, but anyone that i have encountered during matchmaking are leaving Arena during match and are complaining about it being no fun