Do you think we will ever see Evolve again?


And if so , in what shape or form?


No. It’s not coming back. It’s not going to come back. No.


Somewhere in the future someone that joins 2K may grow nostalgic for Evolve and revive the IP, maybe in a decade or so. They’ll reflect on the trends of the day, and the issues they had with the IP, and try to fit the concept of Evolve into the mold of what they think will sell.

Or it’ll just be shelved forever and protected as an IP.

Either way, best to move on for now :slight_smile:


i know, but when i go and jsut start up the game, i start hurting. And i want to make the hurting go away.


It’s easy to hold on to what we know, the safety that brings through familiarity. It’s a tough jump to move away from something that you love, whatever that thing is. I understand. Evolve is still here in the form it is, and maybe that’ll help, but if you feel that it isn’t what you want it to be, what you remember it to be, then a strong thing to do would be to uninstall the game and find something new to try. If a game is going to emotionally compromise you because of your memories of what it was and what you wish it still was, then it’s not a healthy experience to keep subjecting yourself to that.

Find a new passion and transfer your energy to that, and hopefully through that realise that Evolve is at the end of it all just one game among many, as important as it was to you, and that there are future experiences to be had.


I know. I hold Evolve in such high regards because i fell so in love with it since i first saw the trailers. I might say sometimes i blindly defended it.

This may sound cliche, but the Christmast before Evolve launched, i asked my mom and dad to rather allow me to bank my money i got for Christmast, just so i can buy Evolve.

It was also the game i was any good with. I was 5th best goliath in Europe at a time. So much so that I could defeat any team at stage 2. Stage 3 was just a bonus. And i was never really good at any PvP games ever. but evenn 5th place in europe was a big acheivement for me.

And the Shut down of Evolve was at the worse time. It was at the same day i asked my childhood crush to prom night and she declined for another guy, i was heartbroken. Then i came into my Programming class, and went to this forums to only be ment with the news that my fav game of that time is shutting down.

I was devastated.

TL DR : Evolve is a game i will never forget, but i do try and move on.


I love how you secretly try to boast about your skill level. Evolve may’ve died, peoples egos sure havent though.
For the record though there’s no such thing as a monster player that can wipe any and every team at Stage 2. If that’s the case your not playing against strong hunter teams.


Lol do you know what has happened these past few weeks?

Will it come back he asks.


I actually wasnt boasting there. I was just saying it was the first time i was at a high rank in anything. And ye, some teams did wipe the floor with me, but that was mainly other seriose players or my personal friends as they know my stratigies.