Do you think TRS' new project could be in the Dungeons and Dragons franchise (or more)?


I was just looking at some of the hints that’s been around since July. TRS announced that they were working on a title that was ‘Globally Known’, and this Wikipeda page mentions that they’re working with Perfect World Entertainment.

This Wikipedia page states that " perfect World Entertainment is also publishing games from sister-company developers Cryptic Studios" who are known for Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

I believe that its safe to assume TRS will make another game similar to Evolve or Left 4 Dead, so why not with Dungeons and Dragons? It worked for Vermintide.

Star Trek is another good candidate, and so is Magic: The Gathering.

This is all assuming we’re getting another team oriented “Work together or die alone” game which I hope we are. It feels like there’s so little innovation in FPS games nowadays, so why not get the people responsible for the original game changer and have them do it again?


I wondered the same thing, but other small blurbs and descriptora we’ve received make me think no.

But it’d be a happy surprise!


The stuff they announced so far look good, so it might fit. I’d personally enjoy if it turns out to be a dungeon type of game.


What is it?! TELL ME!


I’d rather they make something original and explore that creation. Evolve not only had good lore, but divulged it in a way that I’ve never seen another game do: we start off knowing nothing, as do the characters; and we learn more as they learn more. This effectively gives us a concrete story we’re walking through, enabling for more character development and relatability. I’d love to see TRS repeat this formula, since Evolve didn’t really get to see it to completion.


If it is part of the D&D franchise (and unsure because they did mention it being a Dark Fantasy title), this forum will explode with people and the need for moderators will be high. I’d expect to see more mods taken on closer to a reveal time if this is the case.


Ftfy :slight_smile:


I always prefer it when developers make an original concept, but they did confirm that this new game is a part of an existing franchise.

Still, a good game is a good game, so I won’t complain either way.


Honestly, I wouldn’t know. My only experience with D&D is from an old Xbox game called Dungeons & Dragons Heroes.

I hope its a good explosion though. No forums should be flooded by jerks who want to nit pick every little continuity error and complain about them.


Not to mention the level design lead to the feel and overall attitude of the story… They fit well.


Not to be abrupt, but if it’s not Evolve I don’t care about any other titles. Again no offense.


Well I can bet you a lot of money it won’t be.


I would love to chase down some animal ai dragons that TRS would do though. That just sounds like a sublime fight.


I think id wet my pants.



Oh come on!


The popcorn gifs are out guys. Must mean something is coming right? :smile:


My wife, brother and I are just starting to rewatch Buffy. Such a great show.




That’s harsh