Do you think this creature could be a good monster in evolve?


I drew it myself. It’s just a mixed of different dinosaurs together. Just to let you know, this drawing is still in progress.

I will show a complete one soon and another one in colour


Sorry for the bad image, I juse photographed it from my iPad and I was on my bed if you couldn’t tell


I’d say it’s an average/common looking creature, Evolve needs unique monsters that stand out of the ordinary .


I mean looks cool, but Orrion Terrorsaurs are the way to go.


Seems more suited to being wildlife, probably needs some adjustments to differentiate it from the cephalapod though, but that depends on it’s scale


They’ve stated they purposely keep all the monsters fairly humanoid, I think he would fit more as an evolve monster if he stood primarily on his back feet.


Oh it can do that, and run short bursts on its hind legs. It kinda has a bear posture when it’s primarily quadruple and sometimes stands on its hind legs time to time


I think this idea is too similar to Goliath , I know it looks a bit different but they aren’t gonna “remake” monsters . Each monster needs to be distinctly different … maybe if you came up with an idea or ability that would set it apart from Goliath then it would have a chance


I don’t understand how it’s similar to goliath? Plz explain


It is another giant lizard…

I like the picture though. :slight_smile: And I’d like a quadruped.


Thanks for the compliment. It’s not that big. In a book I’m writing, it’s just a few feet bigger than a fully grown liger in height and 4 metres in length. Yes a liger is a real animal I’m not having an autocorrect and meant to say tiger. Look up liger if you have to. The creature is more of a pack hunter.