Do you think the Laz device would work on Emet?


The Device isn’t suppose to work on Robots (Bucket) but it is a side effect :slightly_smiling:

Emet is a different type Robot, not sure if it will work…


I’m pretty sure it’d work. O.o


Good question, it was kind of explained away because of the complexities of Bucket… I’d have to say that no, Emet wouldn’t be able to be revified! :horse:





I don’t think Emet can really “die”. From his main menu and character select animations it seems you can turn him off so if he was ever damaged enough to stop working I guess Jack and Sunny could just fix him up again.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Bucket is only special because of his AI. It works on the Thunderchild as well, and it doesn’t even have an AI, it’s just a suit.

EDIT: I know Lenny dies, too, but even just downed, it “heals” the suit.


if it heals the suit then

According to Lennox,
the Lazarus device converts some of the fat in the subjects brain
tissue into electricity, turning each neuron into a potentiometer for an
instant and kickstarting the body. The effect can cause brain damage
over many repeated uses.

What lennox says is somewhat false, if it can reviver her… And Emet, and Bucket (which is said to be a side effect)


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


I dont see why it WOULD work.

The laz device works by converting parts of the brain into energy that allows it to re-jump start the brain. From a lore perspective- You can use the glove to revive someone who say, has a hole in their chest where their heart should be, only to watch them die to again moments later due to oxygen deprivation to their brain. it works on bucket “from a lore perspective” because of particular physical properties associated with his rank-rajat brain.

NOT something Emet has.

When in doubt though, tag @Matthew

He is the DM of all that is evolve


It wouldn’t matter because they don’t send 2 medics in 1 mission. :wink:


The bigger question is, Emet has 2 cores. So, logically, you’d need to use the device twice, right?


Emet and Bucket are two different types of robots.

Emet is the type that if you get enough scrap he’d be good to go.

Reasonably no the Lazarus Device shouldn’t work but within the game’s rules should TRS ever decide another “Shits and Giggles All Hunters as Medics Match” I’m sure the device would work but only due to programming within the game.

Bucket practically has a Robotic Brain with some special stuff to allow the device to work on it. Emet is your basic service droid that Jack slapped together to be a badass and shoot you with missiles that was mostly made from scrap.

If Matthew comes in with “Yeah it should work.” I’ll be angry because he said “should” and not “Yes.” or “No.”


It’s the future!



This is a tricky one. Bucket is only revivifiable because he is a Mind-class Bot, making him essentially a free thinking person.

Both Emet and EMET are Vok-class Bots, which aren’t even the second most intelligent!

However, as Jack stated, the combined cores have allowed Emet to develop complex emotions (sadness that he can’t save more people, for example), so he’s not really a Vok anymore. Still not nearly in the league of Super Vok either, but still, I suppose it COULD be possible.


I think when robot power-off after taking too much damage (Battery die preharp) and Lazarus just simply charge it
As the Bucket case,i believe the side effect that Bucket talking about was Bucket’s chasis still get his “mind” work on that chassis


The whole hunter missing heart thing is rather false IMO,Monster do not rip hunter heart out,just destroy it badly enough for Lazarus to revive it .Anh you know hunter revive by his glove only has 80% hp,so i think this seem close enough for me


But In-Game Bucket can be revived correct?


That is correct


Exactly, so if it DID work, and use it once, would it only boot up 1?