Do you think the Laser Cutter SFX & VFX could be beefed up a bit?

I really enjoy playing Hank as Support & I love the design of his Laser Cutter. However, when I fire the weapon, the SFX & VFX feel very, “PEW, PEW” to me.

The Laser Cutter is a pretty goddamn big gun & looks impressive as hell but I don’t feel like the VFX & SFX compliment the badassery of the weapon. I’d love if TRS gave those FX some love. I think Hank players would feel a bit more empowered using the Laser Cutter as a result. Anyone share similar thoughts?

vid of Laser Cutter SFX/VFX in action

idk, i kinda like the pew pew feel, adds to the laser feel you know? But thats just me


I hear ya. I was just expecting someting else given the design & size of the gun.