Do you think the 4 new hunters should have been free?


I ask this because I wonder if that wouldn’t have been a better move in order to revitalize the player base. Plus you can be sure it won’t go unnoticed with the community and more might join. Maybe for some next hunters but I fear it would be to late by then.

So the dlc adds up to 50$

Ten chars



TRS is running a business. 2K is running a business.

This isn’t a popularity contest. Some of the player base might complain, but they will still pay for it because they know it will be enjoyable and worth the cost.

I wish my home, car, insurance, food, gas, and entertainment was free as well. But I understand why they are not.


Nope. No business can thrive by giving away free products.


No. 1 simple reason TRS needs to eat to.

They could do a free weekend in a couple of weeks tough to let everybody get a little taste of them and maybe like em so much they buy em anyways :smile:


No (ten characters)


Nope, maps and modes are free and I love that the new monster and hunters won’t segregate the community because non-DLC owners can still play with them. TRS handled things perfectly, in my opinion. I will say, price point is another matter.


Well if you think about your money as someone else’s, then they are free already :wink:


Cuz i want them :stuck_out_tongue:
Lol nah, they need to make some money, free maps and modes are plenty for me



Do you think you should not get a paycheck when a customer gets angry at you?


The way these characters change game mechanics I think they are priced fairly


Yes, but it was decided to do otherwise and communicated as such. So there isn’t really much point debating about it.


We should be allowed to TRY THEM , before buying them…

I am gona buy 2 hunters , 1 is the trapper, and i dunno the other one… So i wana play them before buying em !


Which you can!
Yay for TRS and thinking ahead


We are getting free maps and that is it gameplay features like this need to be paid for because then we can get Evolve 2 or more Hunters and Monsters as future DLC because the community is there.


Yes. Because I grew up in a gaming generation where mods and patches were free and the notion of DLC didn’t exist, and everything was fine like this.
Quake, Crysis, Battlefield, Team Fortress, Counter Strike… Every popular game from the last decade managed to marry customers and profits really well.
But now that I see yearly releases of the same game with minor improvements and changes (Battlefield) instead of patches and mod support, that I see DLCs with minor contents instead of full addons (damn, a 15$ addon for a game used to give you a whole new game back then)…

I’m a pretty young PC gamer (22), not elistist or “old f*gging” for one bit usually, but it is saddening to see the situation is not going towards the best it could be : mod support for community incentive, flexibility for hosting your own servers with your own mods, real addons, proper patches (damn, BF4 was basically a patch to fix the problems of BF3, with new maps)…

Well, at least there is still GTA 5.


Its not fair to compare old games to today. Development costs have gone up, and people expect support for a game at least 1 year. I mean games have costed close to 60$ since SNES. (Like $50 then)

GTA 5 also outsold Evolve by how much? That and it took over a year and a half to get online heists, which where advertised in the full package of the game.


No, I don’t think they should have been free. However: Half price would have been more appropriate.

A lot of my friends are whining a bit about the price, and even the effectiveness of the “season pass”. I won’t go into details because it’s been over-done a million times on the forums.


No, I do not think it should be free, because if everybody unlocked them, they would ONLY play them. I do think they should tune down the prices. I mean, one hunters for 7.00!?! insane. Monsters for 15.00!?!?