Do you think Monsters/Hunters should have taunts


So i was thinking, during the hunt or quickly after, both monsters and hunters can have a taunt or say something by pressing a button. Maybe at the end, if the monster gets killed, you can press a button and your hunter will say something funny, or rude to the dead monster. Maybe in battle, you can maybe say like, “Damn this Kraken is a scared little Bi*ch”

I don’t know, its an idea!


Monster can already teabag, or just keep dropship cycling.


interesting but this could just bring in unesscary toxicity to the game right? i mean how would you feel if you tried your best (Monster) and hunters went c***** comp and they taunt you when your just trying to play :\

i like the idea but it depends on how the community uses it…


well, TRS didn’t make monsters to teabag in the first place… lol


Yes, I hate when a monster teabags. Would love to give them a piece of their own medicine.


It seems like a taunt function would be difficult to implement without causing toxicity. Though there is the possibility of a roar function in 9.0, so that’s nice.


When the monster dies, the hunters already say a line regarding evac or the monster. No need to add taunts. It’s already a taunt when monster wins and eats a dead hunter, then the hunters get a close-up of his/her face and they roar.

Taunts would poison the community.


TF2 taunts are probably the only acceptable thing without being completely toxic.

Even then, the sniper taunt is pretty bad…

######I’m getting off topic now…


no no like something maybe like bo3. “One shot one kill”


but its like, “Bucket!” and thats it


I said this ages ago that I’d love each hunter not so much the monster to have their own signature dance move or something like you have in destiny and other games.Bucket could have the robot dance ha!


I don’t think having taunts in a game that can draw out so much stress and tension would be the best idea.


you… you rly wanna add taunts to a game with already pretty hostile ppl around??? why.

i’m all for voice lines that help (such as tf2 voice lines pointing out spies, sentries etc - an evolve version of those), but taunts? heck no. just gonna piss people off even more.


I would like a roar for the monsters if for no other reason then to lead the hunters into a trap when I’m trying to set an ambush.


So i have axtually thought about this but really only for monsters there have been times where i would be running to get m6 stage 2 and then armor up and from there id pick my spot to wait and ambush. But they don’t always come by in a tinely manner which is both not fun for me and im sure it no fun for the hunters. So i will have to move from my spot to find birds or something in order to get theit attention. I think all the monsters should have a roar that wuld make a small circle appear on the map (about the same size as griffins vanilla sound spikes before they got beefed up) so that they get a general area of where to look. Because as of right now a lot of valuable time can be lost waiting for hunters to come by you in sone matches. Tgis means less time to evolve later and toxicity gameplay eise in that the hunters will feel like they are fighting a FT3 monster even of they really arent.


Do you have a libk to where that got brought up id like to see


While this is not confirmed to be the roar function, its context in the discussion of the monsters and the high popularity of the idea makes it a fairly strong possibility.


That would be a welcome feature as long as itvhas functionality i dont care much for useless add ins brcause thats time they can spend on actual game mechanics. So as long as the roar has a use like i mentioned or something similar then that would be great.


No, Markov says the monster faught well, etc. other hunters say different lines.


they say demeaning things quite a bit.