Do you think Evolve's better to play on a big Tv...?


I’m playing on 32" Tv and I think it’s good but I guess there’s some who probably play on massive tv’s,so my question is it better to play Evolve on a really big Tv…?


Maybe, I don’t know for sure but I’ll vote yes


I mean for my bedroom 32" is great any more would be overkill unless I game downstairs lol (don’t want that)


I also have a 32", I think playing on a TV helps a ton against Slim. I’ve never had much problem with spore clouds, but I might if I was on a computer monitor.


I have a 32 inch as well, I’d say its good. Especially if you’re fighting someone like slim, and you need to see.


It’s all down to opinion, I think 32" is plenty big; I myself have a 42", but I wouldn’t say it gives me a tactical advantage, maybe it helps me see the monster or things at REALLY long distances, but that’s all I can think of


I have a 32" in my room and a 60" in my living area. For me at least, it feels better to play monster on the 60", but better on the 32" when I’m a hunter. First person perspective always feels weird to me on big TV’s.


I have a 55" TV and a 21.5" monitor and I play better on my monitor than I do the TV. Make of that what you will.


As long as you can visually see every little bit of detail/movement that’s all that matters (quality of the screen/tv/monitor is the big thing here)


Refresh rate is the biggest thing involved. However, graphic quality is based on your distance from the screen.


I would say 32 is adequate. It’s what I used before I bought my 55.


Yeah that’s true thinks mines 60hz.


I have a 28" HDTV on my desk that I plug my PC and my XB into. I like being closer and sitting upright than being farther away and reclining.


I have a 50" tv that I play on and I’ve never had any problems. If you have everything already give it a shot and see if you like the bigger screen more.


Better quality over size.


Considering how hard it is to see Hunters at a distant when their bar doesn’t show up, yes. For Monsters anyway. Being able to tell the difference between Medic, Support and Trapper would help also (it’s easy to ID Assaults due to their size).


Dude, the equation is simple, the bigger the screen, the awesomer.
That said, a 32 inch TV is cool enough, don’t you think? I play on a 23 inch monitor.


Used to have a 65 inch Projector TV but then it crapped out and so we went to a 55 inch LG TV and it made the quality better and smoother.

My Dad and I sit a ways away from the TV so the size is equal to maybe a 35ish or so in comparison to you guys.

I would like to think that a bigger TV means better visuals on spotting things that are small or far away as opposed to a smaller screen.

But hey, opinions and preferences are OP so plz narf.


Played on a 720p 37" TV and now play on a 4k 28" Monitor. The 4k looks better even though it is smaller and I sit closer to it. But do whatever you like!f