Do you think EK's abilities mainly Death Spirral cause too much red flashing on screen?


Sometimes when I fight in a cave with EK or if I’m against the beam team mainly jack or Cabot there’s just too much red on my tv and it really distracts me sometimes,again not a big deal but sometimes I feel like I’m shooting in the dark!

Edit:Also the death spiral ability causes some really bad red flashing all over the screen,unless TRS won’t us to get some sort of condition I think they should tone it down or something.


Yeah I find the visual effects can be a bit distracting. I’ve managed to lose track of my target a few times due to all the chaos, even when they’re right in front of me (somewhere…).


EK is his own worse enemy, he is unplayable against Slim.


Share my pain.


EK SUCKS. Vanilla all the way. Too much blabla with EK!


Yeah i agree,i played against Slim in custom game and my god the spore gun coupled with the death spiral’s red mist of doom is so annoying also add into that Abe stasis grenades and you ainte winning jack.

i’m surprised im 5 from 5 on hunt2.0 but i’ve cherry picked my teams because i know silver skilled or experts will kill my ass because EK is weak against pre-mades i just know it already.


OG Kraken is so try hard i pretty much know as soon as it’s OG we got a loss comming unless it’s a DTR player then we probably will win.


Try hard hunter teams wreck my “try hard” Kraken.


For me Slim’s spore gun is generally one the most unfortunate ideas for hunter abilities. And yes - with kelder’s red it becomes nightmare.

By the way - I find Lazarus revive as #2 on the list. Yes, you have read it correctly: Lazarus. We know how to deal with him, but a moment’s lack of focus can ruin hard earned strike(s) you paid with your monster health for. And there are players who specialize as “pro” Laz - can make huge problem even for non-noob monsters.


EK’s Death spiral is too close to the camera when used. I think it should be in front of him not thru him. I find that I have to step to the side after using it to be able to see.


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