Do you think Devs play an equal amount of monster and hunter?



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No, I think they play about 4 times as much Hunter as they play Monster…


I certain Devs play Monster and certain Devs play Hunter.

However over all I’d say they play about 4x more Hunter.


What is this 4x thing?


There are 4 times as many hunters than monsters. So if they are all tested equally then the hunters as a whole will have been tested 4 times more. :wink:


The Devs have said in either posts or streams before (I think in the “So you’re talking about…” thread?) that they have dedicated certain staff to certain roles, absolutely nailing specific classes or characters so that they know the quality of the player is good when trying out their new things.


A bigger question is do they play hunt 2.0 as monster more or hunter more?


Ahhh, I get it. That doesn’t make sense though. They could easily be playing solo with bots switching between characters. I have found a flaw in this logic!


You clever bastard :slightly_smiling:

I honestly think they play monster more.

Since people say hunters are stronger, they are focusing on monster more


You didn’t read my reply.


You ninja, ish


They test abilities and skills against bots several hundred times to get the numbers right before bringing it into live games with other people in the office.


They have testers that do these tests for them.



If this is true, why was torvald so OP on day 1?

There were literally kids screaming into the mike, “Torvald is OP!”


My guess, and I don’t work for TRS so I can’t confirm that this portion is true, is that they had been practicing against T4 for so long that they got good at dodging the obviously loud mortars. The big problem with new releases is that the average player doesn’t change how they play and then complain that things are broken/UP/OP. People need to learn to adapt. You can’t keep playing the same way you did 5 months ago against new hunters/monsters, it doesn’t work like that yet that is how people expect it to be.


Evolve or die. That’s how it’s supposed to be not Devolve and whine.


I can just imagine Jigsaw’s puppet with this game.

“Lets play a game. In this game you are the Alpha predator on the run from the Hunters. Evolve or Die. Make your choice.”


You know, you can put a space before the “#” and it’ll just be a hashtag without making the letters huge.




No body needs to know.


That just smells inconsistency.