Do you still get a win as monster if everyone quits because you are killing them?


Title. Have been experiencing this more and more lately as monster.

Edit: by quitting I mean they quit mid-game and force you back to the lobby. This bothers me because it seems like I am wasting time if i do not get to finish the game or get nothing from it.

I know, I know enjoy the experience and I do get some satisfaction from making people rage quit but I would still like some compensation for that.



I think you do, would be a waist of time if it wasn’t I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing you’re talking about when the hunters ragequit and you get forced back to lobby? Just be certain what you’re asking


Good question - happened to me yesterday on skirmish Nest map. Hunters left and I got kicked back to lobby. Or was it just another bug… ?


Thanks I will clarify.


Yeah, agreed…it’s irritating. Obviously, we can’t control what people do, but we’re always discussing ways to incentivize behavior that, in general, makes the overall experience better. Either these folks aren’t aware how often a losing team is able to turn things around and pull off a win, or they really aren’t interested in a challenging match and just want an easy win…hard to say.


Had that in a game, and it was definitely like…ok, did I get XP? did this count as a wipe in terms of time?

Didn’t really understand if the game was giving me anything in terms of stat progression.