Do you sometimes feel like val and bucket could have been a different class?


or any other character, i feel like bucket could have been a great assault and also val…

who do you feel belongs in a different class?

hyde healing flame? lets heal some fu**ing faces*


Daisy should have been a monster


Val could have been a great support, but I like her at medic more.

Healing hyde would be awesome, and I want to see a color-coded Bucket for each class


everyone does… EVERY… one … :cry:


Bucket as all classes would be amazing.


Val maybe as a support but that is pushing it. Bucket doesn’t feel very supportive to me.


i know, i feel like bucket would have been a great assault


Slim would be a better support, his kit feels more like a support class than a medic class.


Repurposed buckets yes please :wink:
But some poeple want more bucket frame that are not bucket :confused:


when downloading assault files aka Rucket


as long as it is still bucket :wink: Maybe have glitched dialogue as the assault making him act like hyde/torvald randomly :wink:


gasp :scream: that would be awesome to have some other assault conversations through buckets voice!!!




I had one more from family guy but it is to graphically violent to post here :wink:
@Plaff @Brandini :wink:


According to some early concept art Hyde was a trapper and Bucket was a medic. At the time both had very different designs.