Do you prefer taller or shorter people (in a romantic sense)


Me and some of the forumers here have been talking about our romantic preferences and we got to an impasse with height, some of us prefer short girls, some of us like tall girls, and we both can’t really see the other’s points

So we’re asking you guys/girls what you think about it to get a wider range of views, even though we all know the taller the better.
It’s just science

When it comes to women, you like them

  • Short
  • Tall
  • No preference

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And when it comes to men

  • Short
  • Tall
  • No preference

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And to keep it civil I’d avoid putting down the other choice, and focus more on the good points of the one you chose


The question of the century…


No preference is obviously best preference.


It’s obviously tall… right?


I’m a short woman (5’ 3" / 160.02cm), so it’s not hard for a guy to be taller than me.
But in the grand scheme of things, if I love them it doesn’t matter to me.


Glorious no preference team bwahaha!


Short women are cuttttte. At least in my experience.


I don’t caaaaaaaare :D



I love shorter boys <3


Short and tall is relative. But I don’t want to look up at the missus lol. So I put short. Shorter than me at least.


I prefer short women and tall men.


For me it’s kind of the opposite, looking down at someone is weirder to me


"Damn it honey you know I can’t reach the cereal up there, please get it down."
Is a conversation I never want to have lol. Keep in mind the girl would have to be over 6 and a half feet tall to be taller.


Doesn’t mater for either. no preference.


Scientifically, men tend to prefer shorter women because women secrete pheromones from the top of their head.


Oh… is that why? Kinda weird.

I thought guys liked smaller wemon because it made the guy feel… uh… um… less… small? Eeeeehhhhhh… (.-.)


Ima be super real rite nao. Dream girl for me is about 5’ - 5’ 5" tall (cuz I’m like 5’ 7-8" and short girls are super cute), Brunette or dark black hair, dark brown eyes, wears glasses (legit no. 1 turn on for me is a girl with glasses. Ladies look so fuckin pretty in glasses, makes me wanna pass out just lookin at them), loves games or anime or super heroes, great sense of humor (mine is dark and stupid. She’s gotta like my dank memes XD.), and lastly is curves. I hate to say it, but appearances are a big factor, but I don’t like women with a skinny waist, and I’m not talkin about an hour glass figure either. im sayin I like girls with a bit of meat on them but not overweight, ya know? (please don’t hurt me I don’t have any better way to say it :sweat_smile:)

Ps: anyone who may (or may not) fit this description, feel free to slide into my DM’s lol (I’m serious) :ok_hand:


<\3 No love for tall women. 5’ 9" here.~


Tbh, it puts a damper on a dudes masculinity. Most men, at least, I don’t know about others, but me and my buddies prefer shorter women. It’s like… How do I put it? It’s like a protection thing. A guy wants to be there for his lady and be her super hero, so having a smaller significant other is like a puppy that you want to look after. I guess that’s a bad analogy, buts it’s what I got :grin:


The pheromones that secrete from the top of their heads triggers more feelings of love and affection than anything the man can detect on a conscious level. It’s why when guys hug girls they really like, they have a tendency to smell their hair or kiss the top of their heads. It’s instinct.