Do you Prefer Style/Fun Over Effectiveness or Vice Versa? (Poll)


I’m just a little curious. I really like playing with a Lennox, Laz, Cabot, Crow comp. It’s not very effective but it sure as hell is fun and stylish. Especially against a Behemoth or Kraken. So what do you prefer?

  • Style/Fun
  • Effectiveness
  • Mixture of Both

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Looks like people prefer to have fun while being a little bit effective. Interesting.


Well, it’s a game. I came here to have fun, I’m gonna have fun. 1v1 irl scrublord


I was expecting some people to be on the competitive side. Not worrying about having fun, but playing for the win.


Nobody who is like that actually admits it.

Otherwise theyd lose :wink:


Even in tournaments my team screws around. You should have heard us in the Shear Violence Tournament ahahaha.

Even competitively, it really is all about fun.


Even when Sunny was OP or Kraken I very rarely play as them because I don’t find them as fun to play.


It’s all about the fun. Granted I play more solo now that online, so I don’t have to answer to anyone when I pick a bad team. Granted just what is a bad team now really?


Depends on the Monster really. The team I listed isn’t very good against Gorgon and Kraken.


Emet has all the style points, so if you get Torvald on the team or Hyde, you got effectiveness too.:emet:


I guess Lennox is more a close up fighter suited for Behemoth or Goliath. Then I can kind of see where Harpoons would work better against them. Also I am not a huge fan as Crow, but that comes from me being generally bad as him, but he is an all around good Trapper when played with the proper skill, which I lack.