Do you prefer 1st-Person POV or 3rd for Action-Shooter Games?

Say you’re playing as a hero in an action-shooter game. In that game you can play in either 1st or 3rd person. Which of those do you prefer for a regular human-sized character?

For those who don’t know, 1st is Hunter POV, 3rd is monster POV.

  • I prefer 1st Person
  • I prefer 3rd Person

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That’s an extremely dependent question.


I cannot give an opinion without more context as to the situation of the question.

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I tried my best to explain what I mean in the short time I have before the OP becomes uneditable.

Generally 3rd. Much better. FPV only certain things.

usually I prefer 3rd person for action games and stuff but for games like skyrim I like 1st person for the immersion.

Usually go for 3rd person to be able to see the character, but first has it’s uses. If I’m playing Skyrim I’ll stick in third to see the character and swap to first to aim (though aiming in third person is awesome too).

I feel immersed plenty in 3rd person, but sometimes it feels like cheating because you can see behind yourself and everything. Hard to say. I will say that the system that Gears of War has is awesome (and when I think about it you can’t easily see something approaching from behind on GoW either).

3rd person aiming can be a little iffy depending on how it works, especially against close targets. The extra surround vision is worth its weight in gold though. Over-the-shoulder tends to be a good compromise imo.

3rd person, all times.
I’m a multitasker, I like being able to know all elements around me before I make actions, and 3rd person allows me to do this a lot more than 1st does.
Also I like being able to see my character cuz reasons.

Because they look damn cool and in some cases you put a lot of effort into making them look cool, like Dark Souls. Riiiight?

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Although it’s kinda hard to appreciate the beautiful character I made when he’s locked behind a few inches of rock

Still you chose the armour, you chose to be a beautiful rock.

First person. I dont like my useless character model obscuring 1/4 of my view.

I’m an FPS guy, sooo… yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like either first or third person really.

If I’m playing a horror game it must be first person.

Granted Dead Space is scary and terrified me when I first played it but it’s scarier when a Monster or Creature or some sort of Nightmare is coming at ME through my screen than my character who I can see in third person.

Generally I prefer First Person for just about anything but Gears of War is a good Third Person game and is in fact my favorite game (the third one btw) Multiplayer wise. Evolve is good and unique but Gears 3 will always be my Number 1.

Depends. I mean third person Crow, Val, Cabot, Slim, Griffin, Abe, etc, would kinda suck, but I’d enjoy playing third person Parnell, Maggie, Torvald, perhaps even Caira.

So it depends on the character himself.

Depends on the game for me.

Always first person I just enjoy games more that way.

The only exception is in games that couldn’t work like that such as Warcraft/Starcraft Pillars of Eternity Baldur’s Gate Shadowrun Hong Kong.

3d Person but if i drive a car in Gta i love 1st Person

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Third person in Evolve would be AMAZING for Hunters. Would make kiting, dodging abilities, positioning all much easier. I prefer first person fun-wise, but third person can make gameplay much smoother due to knowing your exact location.