Do you like Piña Coladas?


Well do you? DO YOU?


I’d rather get caught in the rain. It washes away my footprints.


Beat me to it.


I prefer a Mojito.


As per usual, I like every cocktail but my absolute favourite is a Bloody Mary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like a lot of them. White Russian, Bloody Marry, Long Island Ice Tea and many, many more. Not a fan of Margaritas, just don’t like them altogether. But my preferred “mix” is Jameson with Guinness draft. For beer - Stella draft, or Polish beers. Tyskie, Zywiec - bottled. Pinia Colada is alright too, but just one, then i go back to my usual.


I am a man of circumstance. While I don’t generally drink piña coladas, there’s a restaurant in Downtown Disney that makes the best piña coladas and mojitos. They are my “it’s too hot to function” cocktail.

Other than that, when I’m out, depending on the situation it’s beer, gin or whiskey (not necessarily in that order). At home it’s generally whiskey or wine.


Only when I am visiting family in Florida


I like anything with alcohol in it. :wink:

Generally I only get the “fruity” drinks when I’m on vacation in some warm/tropical area, or they happen to be on special during happy hour. Normally I either drink microbrews or scotch/bourbon. Or a nice gin & tonic.


What if we don’t drink … ;(


I still order virgin margaritas sometimes. I personally like to drink, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with people who choose not to.


The downside of being on call…


Just started exploring the wonderful world of Alcohol a few weeks ago. So far I like Angry Orchard, Fireballs, Mike’s Hard Margaritas, and rum & coke. Always looking for new concoctions though so far I can’t stand beer and wine, too bitter for me.


I’m generally a social drinker, but my favorite raw drinks come down to tequila and vodka; my favorite mixes are Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Margarita, & Screwdriver.