Do you like losing when playing as monster?


I really do not like winning as a monster. I will fight till I die each time. Usually at stage 2 or stage 1. Unless Im testing stuff out I dont ever go to stage 3. I like winning as a hunter but the joy while playing monster is in the battle. Killing them all effortlessly is no fun.

People only ever enjoy winning

I don’t think many people like to curb stomp regardless of side. You don’t learn anything and I personally feel bad for the other person/team if we stomp them within a few minutes.


Yeah thats part a big part of it for me. Also, I hate the loading screens.
BTW did you win that tournament yesterday? My stream cut out in the middle of the final match?


I do not like losing who does ? :confused:
I do not like short games where one sides dominates cause I want a challange :wink: thats why I wont prolong games that I already know I will win


Ya we did. It was good. Kezzeri (Sp?) was a good monster. Brak Attack was also new to the team, but aside from the huge rubber banding issues from our second team’s monster it was good. MUCH better monster play. Last week we had a lot of stage 1 single dome finishes. The quality of monsters are either getting better with practice, or the teams involved got better :slight_smile:


I don’t mind losing as either side. I’ve had very few games as monster where I get utterly obliterated. And of those a few were goliath on maps where the hunters just skirted the whole time. You can learn a lot of from a loss as either side. Especially if everything was going well until the last fight and then you lose. Take a look at the area you decided to fight in. It probably had a lot to do with why you died.


No offense but I started rooting for that Finnish? guy that played monster as a FILL IN in the final. The pressure that dude had to have had …man.


I don’t mind losing close games on either side, it’s when I get roflstomped that I am annoyed.


I hate losing as the hunter and do everything I can to win. I always forget about the masteries while being a hunter cus I get too into winning. Not so with the monster. I wont evolve, I toy around, only use one ability, try to get them all to be eaten by plants, work on masteries. And just play till I die.


I don’t lose as a monster I have learning experiences until I regenerate as a new monster…


When I play monster I usually die and die quickly…nevertheless I usually try to give it a good solid run and wack the hunters as hard as I can, as often as I can. If I’m gonna go down, I may as well turn and fight until the last shred of life leaves me, and give hunters a nice time while doing so!


I fight until the end, but I also try to win. And as most people seem to agree, I totally don’t enjoy any game where the outcome is never in doubt. If I get trapped over and over at stage 1, or I am constantly being chased and unable to eat or evolve, then that’s no fun to me. Probably why there is a lot of dislike for the Caira speed boost combo with her, Abe, and Cabot. They find you once and you can never get rid of them.


I take a loss and learn from it. Adapt or become extinct. I won’t lose to the same method twice. I will become a more perfect predator or a foot note in the ecological scale.


If the game is close, I don’t care if I lost every match I ever played. It’s the close games that could go either way multiple times a game that are the best kind.

The best thing to hear after we return to the lobby is ‘Rematch! Don’t you DARE leave this lobby!’. Means everyone had fun and are itching for more hehe :smiley:


I don’t mind the loss - but I do play to win. I give mercy killings instead of toying with the last hunterr, and its up to them to learn how to bide time for their team to rejoin them.

Inevitavbly, win or loose, if I thought the game was good I give praise afterwards. It makes the game fun.

The worst experiences I’ve had is when I’ve congradulated a player, and they responded by saying I was shit (and no - I wasn’t playing Wraith. I refuse to touch that monster until the patch balances it out).


I am also like a cat that loves to toy with prey especially if it is clearly weaker. I leave one alive and very wounded. I follow them around a map killing the bigger flora or fauna so they can’t end the match.


Like most I love to win however I dont mind a loss in this game especially as a monster. If I get beat I know it was by a smart and strategic hunter team. With that said I keep seeing people get upset with people leaving a match to keep their leaderboard score…honestly you should not care cause those people miss a big part of this game gonna link a video of a game I played a few days ago. For the 3 time so far in this game as monster my health was taken very low to be honest this hunter team was on my butt the whole game and out played me they deserved to win but made one fatal mistake and I pounced FTW But the best part of this was not the win it was my palms being sweaty my heart racing everyone in the Room with me at the time screaming in anticipation of what was gonna happen one of the most rewarding experiences ive ever had win or lose NEVER GIVE UP TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS


If the fight was deadly intense and a challenge for everyone involved i have no problem with a loss.


yes, but Ilike being killed while playing the monster much more, it means I went up against better players and I can learn from it and improve myself. however rarely that may happen, 2 legitimate deaths


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