Do you know the name of the song in the launch trailer?


Please I’ve been looking for that song for 1 month,I really need it.
The song when the assault hunters are introduced


You mean Ready Or Not?


It’s a different version (the original) but yeah.


nononono, I mean the song of this video 0:34


Lol oh I was thinking of another trailer my bad


Ha! NP, man i cant find that freaking song, I dont know the title and i know where i can find it


Lol try Shazam I guess?


I believe it was made specifically for the trailer.

We can tag @Chloe @DamJess and @Shaners. They might be able to get their hands on the music for us.


It’s called Mother and it’s originally a cover of Danzig, but is done by Lissie


I know it was available on iTunes when the trailer came out. Should still be there somewhere?


Its a cover of the song mother by Lizzie


@Kaiyan_Naylor @Chloe @lHeartBreakerl, we are not talking about “Mother”. :frowning: