Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?

(Xbox one) I was lvl 33 and had 3 characters 3 star’d and the rest 2 star’d and a friend sent me a game invite. So I excepted it and said it was signing into my account and it took longer than normal I would say over a minute and then it finally sign in and I was lvl 1. Still shows all my leaderboards stats and other stats so there is a paper trail leading to what I have completed. So I msg saying I want a full refund in the mail cause I had over 50+ hours in the game and if I don’t receive my save file back I want a cheque mailed to me and they can have there game back. cause I will not be starting again or playing this till they respond to my ticket witch I send last night at 11:30 pm central time.

Can’t people just leave a game to avoid a loss anyway? Like, the leaderboards don’t reflect disconnects, yeah? Not sure what they matter =/

Considering this launch is more of a cluster cluck than AC Unity and at least on par with The MCC…and given Ubisoft’s/343’s very generous apology offering(free dlc in both cases, free game from 343, free game from Ubi as long as you bought the season pass)…I would imagine they’ll do something similar to save face. Perhaps Behemoth will be free to everyone who played launch week for a limited time, and an extra bonus for people who bought the season pass(like myself, third one I ever bought on Xbox/PS/PC platforms and boy do I regret it).

I have a feeling it wont be as generous as its peers, however. Color me skeptical.

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Same happened to me! I am basically silenced now. This is just a tactic to shut people up. They just keep ignoring my original ticket and delete subsequent ones. Their twitter and this forum is a joke. they say they are working hard to resolve the issue and “do right” by those affected. What does that mean? Unless we get our progress back, it doesn’t restore what was lost. Anything less is not doing right by their loyal fans. There is no timeline on a fix, and all fixes only say they will patch the issue. Not even once has it even been hinted to that we will gain our progress back. I’m sure there is a memo stating not to allude to that at all since I’m sure they knew right away if it was possible to recover the data. I don’t want anything extra, I just want what I paid $80 for and earned. I won’t be playing this until it is rectified and I know 3 of my friends that haven’t logged in since either. Hopefully people don’t move on.

Yeah one of my buddies stopped playing for good. I feel bad we agreed to get it for Xbox one when he suggested steam…


I’d think they would want to get a fix out at least by Sunday, since they’re having all these Xbox One tournaments…

SlabOMeat posted in another thread, that there is in fact a fix to restore progress being tested

It would be pointless for people like me who already are getting behemoth free

It is now Friday, how has nothing been fixed yet??? Next Tuesday if nothing happens my GameStop will have their copy of evolve back.


Well I really hope it’s this week the fix…I think I ll not wait until this Tuesday, also I don’t want free stuff etc, I just want to be able to play properly, which means play without fear to loose everything and also don’t wait 1 hour to play a game.

It’s sad we have to wait to play a game we already bought almost two weeks ago, in fear of losing all progress what year is this? Sorry i really like this game but after playing to lvl 34 i have stopped playing in fear of losing everything. Now i’m not sure i even want to continue after taking a few days off (see above) other games out there pulling me back ln.
Anyway the big thing to me is i feel let down by Tr/2k ,if they really cared about their fans and customers they should have warned us of the problem as soon as it popped up and then worked 24-7 until they fixed it end of story, instead people keep coming on this thread and others going ape crap because of losing their lvl/progress, do they just not care?

I’m in the same boat I’m 33 I just stopped like a week ago out of fear of losing everything. This should not be an issue especially not a 2 week one.

Isn’t this the thread where MacMan said the bug is fixed on their end and they are just waiting for it to go live? I imagine either tonight or by monday it will have gone live.

I just fucking lost everything… :frowning:

I was playing evacuation with 3 of my friends. Upon starting the next match it kicked me saying that I lost connection to the server…I tried to to join the game again and while waiting to load it kicked me and I lost all of my progress…I went from lvl 34 to lvl 1 in an instant and now I’m pretty bummed out…


Time to start over. Hope you enjoyed it the first time, cause 2k support can only unlock the characters for you… nothing else. Bright side… this is the first time it has happen to you. Many of us have had it happen 3+ times and haven’t played in a week because of it.

Sorry for you loss. :frowning:

you imagine?!? Well, thanks for sharing, i guess.

Yeah I have a couple of friends who have had it happen…i just kinda kept my fingers crossed and hoped I would get lucky… :cold_sweat::persevere::disappointed:

Sorry man. I hope they fix it soon. I tried for several days to get a refund but was denied from every angle. I just hope they fix it soon soon. Its a fun game when you can actually progress like intended.

Yeah. I mean, they’re really careful not to say when the patch will be out, because what if the patch creates more problems, right? But just scroll up in this thread if you haven’t already and you’ll see the posts from MacMan. I’m with you, I’m at the level cap and elited almost everyone. I would hate to be reset as well, so I hope my imagination works and the patch goes live very soon!

I hope your imagination is correct as well. :smile:

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