Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?


This is a horrible issue, and I feel terribly if this is happening to you!..but it is a sadly common problem. Know that you are not alone! Please submit a ticket to This helps 2K gather data, since this may well be a server issue they need to fix. I know they will be looking into this! We want to help.

If you are using a PS4 or PC and also suffer this issue, please reply with which system this is happening to you on here as well. Right now this looks more like an XBox One problem.

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Will we eventually be able to get our progress back?


This I don’t know. When you make a ticket to 2K, maybe you can ask this question or at least write it into your comments to them.


I sent a ticket


I’ve had this problem too. Real annoying.


I own 2 xbone and I lost all of my progress switching between them. I hope you fix this ASAP


I submitted a ticket. I have this issue as well.


I was level 23 when I lost my progress. If I do not get my progress back I will undoubtedly have a very sour taste in my mouth. I am kind of freaking out right now. It just happened.


Just happened too. Very disheartening.


me too, it’s happened to twice for me. only level 3 the first time, but right now I was almost 16. If they can’t fix this i’ll be returning my game, which sucks because I was having a blast with it.


I submitted a ticket. As a level 25-26 who put 23+ hours into the game it upsets me. I haven’t touched it since. If I don’t get the progress back I can’t defend or recommend the game anymore. I’ve been following it for over a year, seeing every video and livestream. I was hyped! Now I’m sad…


Is it possible for us to get our progress back?


Just figured out that trying to join a friend’s game while you’re in another app or another part of the game will result in a reset. That’s how it happened for me (from watching a movie I was invited to play and joined) and when I invited someone to play, when they accepted it happened (from the solo menu).

The message reads: unable to join party as it already had 5 members (which just only had one-me/them). Then it’ll reset your level next to your badge back to one. It won’t allow you to join another game until you quit the application. Then on going back in, everything is reset even having to redo the Monster tutorial and change the subtitle setting junk.

But here’s the kicker: it lets me keep my badge that I was currently wearing that I had unlocked, but gets rid of all my other badges…

What the hell is going on?


Yeah I just finished a game in solo I was level 23 then tried to join my friend in multiplayer and when I joined I was level 1 and lost all mastery’s


Same issue as others above, lost all progress multiple times on Xbox one. It appears to be centered around joining a friend’s game. I still have a badge equipped that is now “locked”. Very frustrating. If this was a story driven game this kind of glitch would be a gamekiller.


PC - Steam
reset after reinstalling the game & steam


Just happened to me lv 25, goliath and kraken elite skin… :rage: :smiley: :rage: :heart_eyes:


Please file a ticket and add comments about your loss. I’m so sorry this happened to you!


I’ve had the same message at least ten times. No stats reset. That may not be the issue.