Do You Have These Achievement Troubles?


I’ve been struggling getting 2 achievements. One is the Mono-A-Monster where you need to put the final killing blow onto a stage 3 monster while everyone else in the party is dead. Apparently I have been “coming close” according to Steam, but no dice! The other is Ninja Time, where you have to kill a hunter as the monster while taking no damage.

My questions are for those that got these already…For Mono-A-Monster could the rest of your team be incapped or do they have to be fully dead? Dead as in, on their way via the dropship dead and you are the last hunter standing, facing the monster alone.

For Ninja Time…how do you even get this? If you are lucky enough to isolate a hunter without taking any damage already (like by wildlife) and get a sneak pounce (as suggested in the guidebook), as soon as they are incapped you auto-release them and they begin shooting you with their pistol…so you DO take damage. Armor or not, damage is damage…or does it matter? Is getting the incap. enough? So how does one go about getting this achievement?

If you have issues with any other achievements, feel free to list them so we can help each other out.


Your team has to be actually dead for Mono-A-Monster. I got it mostly out of luck- I was Markov and the monster had a little less than a bar of health remaining when everyone but me died. After that, it was easy to finish him off with the lightning gun. I guess assault helps, because you can actually survive alone and deal good damage.


Ninja time: Play Kraken on Aviary, put 3 points into Banshee mines & either c/d reduction or damage increase, do a map effect with the 2nd Monster if you’re doing solo, hide in one of the tunnels - AI Hunters will keep trying to come at you, especially with the 2nd Monster, who will also soften them up, but keep popping mines in the tunnel and falling back until one drops. Oh, and if you go up to the north-most tunnel in Aviary from the beginning they have to run by a sloth.

Mano a monster, I don’t even remember getting it. Dunno if it can be planned for. When I played on PS4 I got it in the very first match with Markov, at level 1, with a bunch of noobs, doing 90% of the damage myself and killing the noob Goliath with my pistol in the end. (Or maybe that was cockroach. I don’t even remember.) But I’m pretty sure I got it with Markov. Assault is your best bet since you’ll most likely be focused least. If all else fails, when you’re about to win short-handed, ask your teammate to suicide :smile:


I saw Mono-A-Monster happen when Denny blew up a Wraith after it pounced him using a precisely calculated mine. It was beautiful. And undoubtably very effective.

Ninja time is something you get for a really stupid team… think Tyrants and Banshee mines. Just avoid contact for as long as you can while shooting off your abilities at them.


Keep the ideas coming…I will be trying them all!


I excuse myself for any mistakes.

For the Ninja time i got it on the first day. The most easiest way would be a team of hunters thinking its smart to spread out, then pounce one and neutralize him. Also i do believe armor Damage doesnt count as damage due to me actualy pouncing him and then proceeding to Tenderize him and then eat him. (Funfact the Remaining Support, Medic and traper came over after i evolved from that Delicous Assault and tried to kill me on stage 2. In a cave. Traped between me and the dome. clustered together and absolutely no idea what to do besides panicking.)


Armor damage does count for Ninja Time. You can’t take any damage, even from wildlife.

It’s the worst playing with people who toss short-handed domes. Support strayed too far & died to wildlife? No, don’t do it. - DOME GOING UP.


Yes I am having soooo much trouble with these Achievements! They are also the two I am stuck on.


Doesn’t this translate as cockroach on the Xbox? I don’t remember but I have both achievements you’re referring to and it took two days to get them actively trying lol


Cockroach is a different one for getting the killing blow while incap’d. Mano-a-Monster you have to be alive (standing) and everyone else has to dead (waiting for dropship). I got confused about them at first too.


Ahh okay yeah I have those achievements but I had to do private match grinding with friends


Just updating…ALMOST got the Mano-a-Monster. It was sooo close. I was Parnell going after an AI Kraken. My team was all dead and the Kraken was down to 2 and a half bars of health. Using my shield, I managed to stay alive, kiting around objects and shooting until it was time for the reload. Then, Kraken had me. He had one bar left to go. AGHHH!

I did however just unlock Ninja Time! I tried the Kraken way a few times, by hiding out in one of the tunnels on Aviary and packing Banshee Mines on Cooldown perk, trying to pop them at hunters. I also tried it with Vortex. I also took the minion map effect for the assist. I couldn’t manage to do it so instead I took Goliath with Damage Perk, full Rock Throw. I hid in the tunnel and let the minion soften the hunters up a little, same as before, then quickly went into the doorway of the tunnel and chucked a rock aimlessly into the melee of hunters and minion. The achievement popped up and I was like YES! and finished off the round for a win!

Only Mano-a-Monster continues to elude me now…

*Sidenote, Reavers like to sneak up behind you in the Aviary tunnels and poke you in the butt, ruining your ability to get the unlock since you have to take NO damage. Clear out the tunnel first.


Just a note but I believe for Mano-A-Monster it has to be a stage 3 monster as well. I got lucky and got mine on defend while the rest of the team was dieing (not fully dead) and I just got happened to get lucky enough.


Just a note on the video but Maggie and Daisy were bleeding out and not dead.
I also finished him with the rocket (while I was alive) and I didn’t get the cockroach achievement here.


That was an awesome ending! Love how Goliath’s feet went up in the air at the end there.


I managed to get that last achievement! Here is how it all went down…

I was farming Slim’s second star spore gun launcher over on Fushion plant. It was suggested that this would make it easier by someone on the forums and it was, so for several games of Hunt my team of bots and I waited at the generator until Behemoth came rolling in. I swapped to Trapper to get the dome, then back to Slim to spore cloud up the room from top to bottom. I only focused on the spore clouds, not healing in the least, so my team was taking the hits. Behemoth would often come for me so I stayed atop the highest platform, third level, and when he started to climb I flew to the opposite platform…and so we danced.

For this particular match we had Abe, Hyde, and Cabot. I was pretty focused on spore gunning but then became aware that both Abe and Cabot went down and were dead and that Behemoth was around half health with Hyde still up. Behemoth was coming up to get me. I thought…let me swap to Hyde. The match is almost over and maybe…just maybe…

Behemoth soon knocked Slim three levels down to the floor and rolled after him as I leapt to a favorable platform to pile on the bullets. Slim tried as he may to tank the Behemoth but finally went down. I threw a stink bomb as the red skull appeared and prepared for the boulder to come my way. But then suddenly he changed course, heading outside to the open area of the Fusion plant roof. I took off after him to continue the fight but then realized that Cabot and Abe were back and that’s why he had gone out, since they dropped in closer to him than I was. My heart sank, as I figured I’d lost my chance. It was too late to go rez. Slim and re-take him over, as his red skull finally turned white as the thought came to me. So as Behemoth took on Abe and Cabot I kept shooting in order to end the match quicker, since Cabot had his damage amp on…seemingly the only weapon he chose to use. I was far enough out of the way of the Behemoth’s attacks, and was watching as Cabot went down.

I stopped shooting then, realizing I may yet have my chance! I sat waiting for Behemoth to finish off Abe, which felt like forever. I didn’t want to shoot any more for fear Abe might add to the damage and end the match, but the clock was ticking for the reinforcement ship. At long last Abe went down, instantly white-skulled as Cabot had been. He was rocking along my way now.

My minigun was full and I emptied it quickly as the beast rolled towards me faster and faster. I headed to go back into the fusion plant but jetpacked slightly askew of the door in my excitement. I missed my chance for platform antics in there, so flew over Behemoth instead to run around on the roof in the open. I ran in reverse, shooting as I went until I ran out of that magazine as well. I knew if Behemoth got close enough he’d pounce and it’d be over so I choose not to use the flamethrower. Behemoth was down to a bar of health and lowering as I jetpacked backwards while shooting. It felt like it was taking forever…and was the dropship coming back? Then he Fissured me as my mag. emptied. I popped my shield and was knocked backwards down some stairs as the ball came rolling after me like fiery doom. This was it. My gun was still on cooldown and my body was still reeling from the knockback. Behemoth’s health bar was teasingly just a mere fraction but I had nowhere to easily escape to and no jetpack juice to fly back up or away.

But just as I thought all hope was lost and my shield fell, I found my footing and the minigun came off cooldown. I piled into Behemoth YOLO-Hyde-style, and just inches away from me and certain demise Behemoth finally fell at my feet. The red “Hunters Win!” bar blazed overhead and the Mano-A-Monster achievement unlocked.


MY achievement troubles is that there isn’t more XD


Well let me be the first to say congrats on getting the last achievement then :smiley:


I’m having problems with Inconceivable, Mano A Monster, Bone Jockey, Ninja Time!, and Cockroach. I’ll try the tips up top but what about the others?


Just got cockroach! It was the end of a defend match and, as Lazarus, I got seperated from the Team and finished the Monster off while I was down. Aside from being lucky or having four other players helping you, the only advice I can give is to play as a Medic since A) you can heal yourself and buy a little bit more time and B) the Medic pistols are burst fire, so essentially they deal more damage than any other class’s pistol.


Interesting thing. I never actually thought about this.