Do you guys still think Lazarus is garbage?

Just wondering what you guys think on him after this weekend.

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I never thought he was garbage, but always thought I was garbage as Laz.

I’ve seen some brilliant Laz play this weekend. And whenever I’m teamed with @MeTheBigShow as Laz I rarely end a game with a strike.


I think hes garbage because he can’t save himself from a plant while last alive #Salty
But other than that, I’ve always thought Laz was good, just a teensy bit underwhelming ^.^

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I played against Laz a lot over the weekend and the only time I lost was at 4am when I was tired, drunk, and playing wraith with a Supernova Mastery build against a pre-made team.

He is too easy to counter and needs too much help to be effective.

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Laz is not garbage, but consistent healing beats loveglove.

I don’t think he’s garbage with a good team and a Monster who can’t keep track of a cloaked hunter. I personally never lose Lazarus though and he’s usually the first or second down.

He is Garbage, when with the wrong team.
You need a body punishing team that will force the monster to leave or take a few bars of health damage.
It also helps to have a goodd Laz who is patient enough to now rush in and then get killed.

Well, I have never lost to him or Slim, they are pretty easy to me.
With Laz: Guard dead body, make him waste cloak and focus him.
Slim: Just melee him and don’t let him heal, if he is hiding with the spore cloud, just isolate a hunter away from him, so his healing rate becomes low and you’ll force him to get out.

Yep, good monsters still leave Laz nothing to play with

He can’t heal, he can’t help the team escape, he can’t help catch the monster. So in short, yes.

laz still needs a few tweaks to be on par with other medics on affectiveness. For example maybe each weakpoint that is hit reduces the cool down on his love glove or cloak but not to the extent of slim’s leech gun. or maybe having one of his tools not break cloak. Having assault players not fall through the map would be a great start too, jk i know its a bug.

I always thought Laz had a very special niche, and was not garbage whatsoever. I think the fact that he requires a very different playstyle than all other hunters (and that this playstyle has arguably more risk/reward than others) turns people off to him. When they try to play him in a similar way to everyone else, things go very badly, and so they believe Laz’s kit is weak.

He is not garbage, but he is instantly countered when the monster actually start thinking.
By other words, still useful in pubs because 80% of monsters will just scratch their head and wonder why the player came back and just decide that the situation require even more brute force.

A weekend of the hunters getting their shit slapped due to a surplus of Laz pickers is going to do anything but help his reputation. Laz was, is, and always shall be shit.

I don’t believe the competition was that close. .8%?what a joke. I think they fudged the numbers because of the negative reaction to the challenge.

To what point and purpose?

I don’t think Laz is garbage, but I’m a trapper main, can’t find Laz in teh dome kill the trapper fast. And the dome can only stay up as long as you have a Hank or Sunny…but then damage you could be doing with them is not on monster but on tryign to keep the dome longer than 20 seconds.

Monster just needs some sense of knowledge of Laz and thats it, kill him once you found him. Having a Laz on the team always makes me feel like:

Exactly my thoughts, as I posted in the challenge thread. This should quiet any criticisms left for Lazarus, right?

TRS as a company has yet to lie. Fudge the numbers? I didnt see a single kracken win this weekend vs. laz. And we are talking nearly 100 rounds played, roughly 40 of those were krak vs. Laz.

And i’m just 1 person.

Also i just feel laz is misunderstood. Actual heals feels good. Staying alive makes me feel skilled. Laz is the harsh reality.

I never thought he was garbage. To be honest, none of the Hunters are garbage. In his 24-hour stream, there were a couple of Laz games that showed him played the way he was meant to be played. Hang back and punish the Monster - just the threat of having Laz lurking in the shadows is enough to throw some Monsters off tilt.

He is a very niche character though and some people don’t know how to play him. In pubs, when people rush in, I can usually single Laz out at that point and get a strike on him.

He is a ton of fun to play when the team is organized though. When they let him eat the body because they panic when someone dies (disorganized team) or the body falls through the map, it is very frustrating. If we can trade a strike for a huge chunk of the Monster’s health, I consider that worth it.