Do You Feel Guilty Killing Daisy?

how about feeling guilty for killing all those canyon striders ?

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Too many a time has daisy being a pain in the backside. Lets renact a scene shall we.

Monster stage two played by me, hunter consist of Lazarus, Maggie and two others. They dome me

3 health bars and 2 minutes later, after the dome has fell, I finally get a strike on Lazarus. I thought he would sit and die as I distracted the other 3 hunters.

It was at the last moment when I realised that Daisy was a thing, I realised how much I stuffed up.

I am now convinced Daisy is there just to troll the monster eternally.


You monsters…


I see what you did there :wink:


i feel guilty killing daisy, especially after watching her just roll around/trip its sad to see her die.
also i have a rule about never killing canyon striders as hunter

Daisy is evil. I have no regrets :behemoth:

I feel more guilty killing the Canyon Striders when they’re crawling away from you after shooting them a bit. The sound and animation is heart wrenching.


OMG! The sounds they make… :cry:


It’s not really killing her that makes me feel guilty, but sneak pouncing her.

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I enjoy killing her and not only because she’s so unbalancing of the battlefield dynamics.

Fun fact; Behemoth’s Tongue Grab finally works on Daisy. Load up a bot match, kill everyone else, and then enjoy flinging her around the map.

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I’m writing ALL of your names down…


I don’t care if I kill Daisy, if she’s getting in the way of me trying to slaughter the hunters. So be it that she will fall like the rest.

I will leave no survivors!

but only OG daisy.

W.Daisy is a pain !


Reads Title

Wonders why the “No.” Option isn’t 100%

Fuck that bitch. She’s blocked one too many Abductions for me.

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I justify killing her by using a sneak pounce, that way it feels like I’m giving her a belly rub.

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[quote=“Takran, post:8, topic:105408”]
One time I downed, killed, and ate daisy in front of a downed Maggie played by SledgePainter.

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Nope. You get in Meteor’s way, you die. Simple as that.