Do you even want Ps4 players to buy this game? Where is our info?


Unless I’m mistaken, I can’t find any information about Ps4 digital deluxe editions or any other than the regular one. I understand DLC access for the Xbox, but why the hesitation to even market it towards Ps4?


Im not sure if us ps4 players are even gona have a digital deluxe though its not turtle rock studios fault though im 99 percent sure we are gona be able to digital pre order and preload it.


There is a digital deluxe edition for PS4, and last time I checked they’re working on getting it onto the store if it’s not there already.


Either it is a screw up, or it is part of the contract deal they probably have with Microsoft. I wouldn’t know though. I would love some kind words to the other platforms though. It is great when you know devs are equally enthusiastic instead of “Dat Xbox bra!” ;D

#5 It does seem strange that it still isn’t on the psn store,could very well be due to something with Microsoft,but it’s up on Gamestops website.


You can’t benefit from the 10% discount (And the way it looks they may be avoiding that entirely) but you do get the exterminator skins if you go with preordering from Gamestop. The only thing the PS4 is getting the lack of is attention and information.


Would not matter about 10%, you can’t use the discount on preorders.


Hopefully pre orders are up on Tuesday!



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