Do you agree with the decision to wipe the current leader boards?


I don’t think the current leader boards should be wiped. I’ve put in 117 hours of my life into getting to the rank that i am now. To make all of that hard work moot, would be unfair to everyone who has done the same. i wouldn’t mind a new separate leader board for the new hunt 2.0 mode.

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The ladder board is nothing more than time /played. It doesn’t represent skill, has been ‘gamed’ and hacked many times. I for one am glad they are wiping it.


not hard work stomping pubs for ranks.

most games i know reset leaderboards seasonally. if your meant to be #1 then you will get back there just fine.


It should be wiped. It’s mostly bs anyways. You have no idea how many times I’ve seen “top” players spam restart round when losing and ‘mysteriously’ disconnect when it doesn’t go through.


Not to mention these leaderboards might actually mean something with SBMM.

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You could take a screenshot to remember your place.


im hoping past a certain rank (gold 2 or 1) you are almost banned from pubs and its pre-mades only from there to the top.

also we need a matchmaking mingame, for those who will be waiting for while (Pc)

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That would be prefect


But NOT by everyone, NOT by me. I’ve earned my position. It does represent skill, play the number one wraith Yuske jpn and see if your mind isnt changed. you wouldn’t last three minutes.


B-But… What if I’m only goinng as a hunter and I have no friends? O.O


I don’t want to be ‘that’ guy and throw out baseless insults, but it’s been proven quite a few times that leaderboard rank doesn’t mean anything. I recommend showing your skill in some of the ESLs though.


true. hmm idk theoretically your never gonna hit rank 1 playing against the number 1 krakens tho. unless your in a premade team or the upper echelon of gold players who know what they are doing at ANY role can act as an esl team and beat monsters.

esl has plenty of hunters that can only play one role.

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Yeah I’m cool with it

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Yeah I’m chillax with it O.O
(Obviously not copying dude above me >.<)

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All it does is show that you play that character a lot, usually with/against players with no communication or thumbs.


what ive said isnt baseless nor an insult. you will not beat yuske jpn. play him and you’ll see.


Poll to make it easier :

  • Yes, I agree
  • No, I don’t

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the people who agree havent put in the time that only some have, that some including me.


Hunter’s Quest 2.0??? :open_mouth:


I’m number 11 Kraken in my region (North America) and I’m glad they’re doing it.

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