Do we have clear solution to balance Sunny?


And yeah! Another Sunny topic.
First, I intend to w8 for patch 9.0 come… but since it is delay so I wanna ask everyone about your opinion to balance Sunny.

I know she got nerf so many many times, but Sunny is still nightmare for most of the monster player. (except Kraken player)
Im just an average monster player but when I play with my friends, Im normally pick support and Sunny is my first main hunter.

The true problem of Sunny isnt her drone capacity/health or JPB capacity… but it is her character design is broken.

Many ppl said Sunny is defensive support, but IMO she’s both offensive/defensive support.
Sunny can deals tons of damage with her mini(?) nuke, protect friend/distract monster with her shield drone and help teammate fly away/keep follow the monster with her JPB.

Ofc, Sunny cant provide fire power at Cabot/Bucket level but pls admit it… her kits can make ppl play more aggressive more tham those two support.
She can fire her nuke or JPB teammate while her shield drone is active. She just cloak herself when get focus and she doesnt care even get exposed by fire or acid cuz she can shield herself and medic gonna keep healing her.

Now Im choose to play Hank or TS.Hank instead play Sunny, bcuz I know how monster player (especially Wraith player) feels when fight against Sunny.
Im still feel satisfy even I lose to the team that has good Hank player, but this feeling never happened to me when fight against Sunny. I feel like I get cheated.

First, my main monster is Wraith and then change to Gorgon, but today my main is Kraken. It isnt Im enjoy playing as Kraken, actually Im hate him cuz I know how hunters feel when fight against Kraken.
But in order to win Sunny, I must play Kraken or choose to play Wraith with 300% try hard.

Im didnt ask TRS to nerf Sunny more but… do we have clear solution to fix her?
To make everyone enjoy to play or fight against Sunny. I know it’s really hard fix her but I believe experienced and gold player already has answer in his/her mind.
I dont want to fight toxic hunter by playing toxic monster anymore.

So pls share your thought here, may be some TRS dev may get some inspire from this topic =)


I honestly have no problems defeating Sunny, and in some situations… too easy.


Sunny increases team speed greatly by JPB while chasing.
But her kits didn’t do that well in combat.
JPB must given in advance that teammate can actually dodge, and the shield drone as well.

I think the problems came from your playing style.
I suppose you are the “FT3” style and but don’t really know how to flee or fight.
Mindless aftershock to win the game, and now complain about Sunny OP?


Make the Shield Drone far less spammable (god is it fun for the Monster player to destroy a new fully charged Shield Drone every few seconds) and perhaps give the Jetpack Booster a lower recharge rate (but faster capacity as a tradeoff) so she can’t boost a Trapper forward for a dome and then still be able to save him.

She’s a total cunt here on PC when played right.

No need to grow so toxic in a simple balance thread.


Sry, my play style isnt FT3
Actually I dont wanna evolve to stage 3 cuz monster size is too big and relay fight is give favor to hunters.
I always ambush hunters team when im stage 2 full armor and I used this strategy to kill Sunny, make sure she doesnt has time to place her annoying drone.

And if I play Kraken, I can wipe whole hunter team even im stage 1… but support always cloak and run, so im evolve to stage 2 and looking for where the hunters land.

Lets stay on topic =)


Sunny can be incredibly annoying. However I personally don’t see the issue with her anymore, unless people run the capacity perk. And even then Sunny is only really annoying when Val is around to tranq you - Her tranqs stack far too nicely with the jetpack booster and will keep an assault on your back at all times; even when fleeing.

As a Gorgon you can try to web snare and then use your traversals to try and break free. Maybe use the damage resistance perk to lower their damage output. If there’s a Wasteland Maggie you might as well give up however, she’s the final touch to an already toxic combo.

No clue how to go about with Kraken or Wraith, since I rarely play those.


I think Sunny is balanced (I could say she is my main amt). However I think she is the best support still. I personally tend to get most damage while playing Sunny and still provide the shield/JPB. Of course, there are maps/monsters/situations in which she is not clearly best choice.

I would balance her by making her Drone non-chargeable. Meaning she would have to eventually replace the drone once the previous runs dry. This would make Sunny constantly work for her usability, not just spam drones then Dmg/Boost.


She’d pretty much become useless at that point. I don’t think her shield drone is that much of an issue. The only thing that is annoying as a monster is having to chase after them one at a time, because it’s so easy to replace them. Put a cooldown on that and it should fix more than forcing Sunny to spawn her drone even more.


IMO, TRS should rework some of Sunny’s kit and character design.
Im afraid if we ask to nerf Sunny every patch, she will be like Wraith in this patch.

Her JPB is too useful both in/out combat, my idea is make it useful when out of combat and less useful in combat like Caira’s speed boost.
And about her shield drone… Sunny is busy support, she has to do her job both in and out of combat, mayb we should use this idea to fix her shield drone. We can increase shield drone’s hp and decrease shield charge up when deploy time but make it cant recharge the energy and self destruct when energy run out.
With this way, we can keep her busy with her ‘support’ job, not just pop the drone and let nuke the MONSTAR!


Well you said it yourself.:

“Only problem is the monster having to chase the drones all the time”.

Of course with 8 sec deploy time and all other attributes as they are she would be bit weak. She would have to be tweak some way.

Having said that, Ive pld several domes in which Kraken havent let a single drone shield. I can still provide JPB + cloak, and heavy damage. Only Hank provide self-defense apart shield with his Orbital and Kala with her teleporters.

She has JPB, cloack and shield for self-defense to her team. Hank has shield, orbital, cloak. Kala has cloack and teleporters, Cabot/Bucket cloaks. Thats the same order I rate supports: Best: Sunny/Hank (by a mile), Kala, Cabot/Bucked. (with “self-defense” I mean for her team)

Only thing different is that Sunny can use all her abilities same time: shield, cloak, booster. This for me makes her utility the best in this game, mainly bcos she brings most to the table. Not bcos her abilities are the best. Same with Kraken compared to others monsters, it will unleash his abilities in matter of seconds. The damage/influence to the game is formidable.

Im not saying that “make-shield-non-rechargeable” is the best or only choice, it is just the best choice Ive come up with. This way she has to put more attention to the drone and “when-do-I-need-to-start-positioning-myself-right-to-replace-the-drone”. This will naturally make her harder to play, more prone to mistakes, limiting the time she can use her tool kit.


Sunny lost most matches in Quick Shot Tournament

Hank had the highest win as support

I think this means something . Maybe she is not OP anymore ?

She will get a big nerf hit on her jet booster on 9.0 … capacity perk 40% will not have a faster recharge

The only problem reasonable nerf shouters say that … her shield drone should not be spammable


I agree with you, Sunny isnt OP.
She’s like Laz, her design make monster player feel toxic.

IMO, she has low skill ceiling.
To play Sunny it’s like driving Nissan GTR R35 in drag racing, just stomp your acceleration paddle and let your car do the rest.
She doesnt need to control her drone. She doesnt need to use JPB exactly in time to help teammate cuz her teammates decide on their own when to use JPB. We just need only basic support mind set to play Sunny effective.

But Hank is like driving manaul drag car install with toyota’s 2J turbo engine. It hard to drive, require practice and experience to get it to full potential.
I remembered your main hunter is Hank right? I believe you already know it isnt ez to use shield projector to full potential.

Hank require experience and practice to do that, but Sunny dont… all she do is poop her drone and let it do the rest
Oh our medic get focus, lets boost her and let he/she decide how to use it.

Im not surprise that Hank has higher win rate than Sunny cuz pro player can use him to full potential.


Sunny can be easy to focus, imo. Her Shield Drone isn’t hard to hit, and typically, once you kill her, the Medic is easy pickings and the team is basically crippled. She’s turns the team into a sort of ‘glass cannon.’ As long as she’s up, the team can be very dangerous (for example, the Chase Comp. Val+Griffin? Fine. Val+Jack? Fine. Add Sunny in there and it gets toxic), but once she’s down, they are shield-less and boost-less.


Other support is ez to focus too.
But my reason to create this topic is do we have clear solution to make Sunny less toxic and fun to play or fight against.
May be we should decrease her survival ability like shielding herself or decrease her cloak duration to make she is more ez to focus like you said =)


The same can be said for every Support, and since Bucket’s Sentry Guns are already laughably neglectable I would say both Sunny and Kala are actually the best Supports as far as still leaving something behind for your teammates when the Support goes down.

Also, her Shield Drone isn’t hard to hit?
Try playing Goliath more against actually good Sunny players. It’s a mix between them being good at playing Sunny and Goliath being riddled with bugs in every possible way.

You’ll try chugging a rock at the Shield Drone - nope, doesn’t connect.
So you walk over there and Charge - nope. (ever tried destroying turrets in Defend as Goliath? Same bullshit)
Eventually you’ll just end up in a match where half the Shield Drones that Sunny places down must be manually walked over to and slowly destroyed with weak melee attacks or Flame Breath - which, since the most recent patch, is the least reliable way of them all now that you can’t start climbing before Goliath is 100% done with the Flame Breath animation so you still need to get close to the Drone first.
Have fun manually Leap Smashing/Charging/walking up to a new Shield Drone every 10 seconds with Jack, Val and Torvald or Lennox constantly hindering your movement.


All supports are annoying therefore balance exists.

Can’t stand how Hank and T.Hank have the highest burst dmg and arguably the best defense for hunters.

Can’t stand Buckets area denial. People can whine all they want about nerfed deployables. His sentry’s range are nice now and monsters have to take a few steps to knock them out now instead of just turning around and swiping.

Cabots beam is basically the “o f***”!" beam and you best get outta range. Unless you have one of those super smart Cabots that use it when they’re the last man standing. Love that.

Sunny. Yup still Sunny.

Kala, a bad one I can deal with. A good one that’s coordinated with her team, I don’t enjoy as much. Especially when I can’t escape them. Just as I think I did i get some distance and it’s like they’re waiting on me where I was headed to. I try to jump around to dodge as much dmg as possible in the dome, but she has me beamed so I’m not just taking replaceable armor dmg, it’s real dmg.

All supports are annoying. Not one I would prefer. What I prefer is an idiot who doesn’t play them to their full capabilities.


Oh you mean a play like a completely different support? Not possible. Hunters are held to a higher standard by both parties.


My name is GoGo~Goliath~ lol

Of course I know how destroying turrets can be finicky, although I haven’t experienced Rock Throw not destroying the drone. Chalk that up to luck I guess.

Don’t rebuttal my opinions with “The only way you could have that opinion is if you’ve NEVER or very rarely do such-and-such.” I know you don’t intend to mean it this way, but it is insulting when somebody asks me if I’ve ever done anything in goddamn Defend as Goliath, my favorite monster, especially when, even if I had two hiatuses, I’ve been around since launch. It’d be like if I asked you “Have you ever tried destroying the Relay in Hunt?”


Hahaha sorry man, I really didn’t mean it like that. <3

It’s just that there’s some people here on PC - I don’t know if that’s the platform you play on but it’s the only one I can speak for- that will have you pull out every single one of your hairs when they play Sunny.

And the Defend thing is an example. I’m not sure if they’ve ever fixed it since I now avoid the gamemode like the plague, but half of Goliath’s abilities wouldn’t even register against those turrets so that even after unleashing a full barrage of Leap Smash>Rock Throw>Charge>Flame Breath, they’d still be standing there shooting your health away.
This issue, albeit a lot less severe, sometimes still occurs with the occasional Shield Drone.


I actually just bought Evolve on PC last night, so I’m sure I’ll get a good taste of it.