Do we have active forum members who still play the game as well on Europe?


Hey everyone,

I"ve moved to the UK 2 months ago and now that I’ve settled a little there’s time to play some Evolve.

If any of you want to add me on steam to call me when you’re up for some games my ID is


I guess that’s a no
: |


I’m contemplating uninstalling the game soon. All the people I play with have already did and one of my friends just told me he did yesterday, I teared up a little. :cry:

I do play it sometimes though, but I think its best if I just uninstall it and just remember the game when it wasn’t a dead carcass.


I still like to play, but don’t have much free time right now. I’ll send you a friend invite, my Steam Id is the same as my username here. Probably won’t get any time to play but better than nothing eh?


Cheers! Request accepted :slight_smile: