Do Torvald's mortars follow a pattern?


So say if you aim at some angle

you fire 1 barrage
it goes and spreads out
you fire another barrage in the same angle, it goes a different direction
you fire a 3rd barrage, does it fall in the same pattern and location as the first barrage

Do barrages at same angle follow some pattern of location??


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As far as I know, they do not. Seems random when you fire them.


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same location, possibly a different spread. if you fire one of the shotguns at a wall and watch where the pellets land. then fire again. the pellets land in the same “circle”, but they spread out different.

now imagine the same time, but from above. same circle, different spread.


What @The_Mastermind said.


same location? Like firing it, but it spreads differently, but lands in same location???


You have to think of it as spread. The shells will always land at a certain distance and will always land in a certain place but which shell does this is random.


like this. the missiles land in the same area, but they spread out differently


That’s a shit ton of mortars! :fearful:


lmao. i just used a paint brush. #dots =/= # of mortars xD


I know, that would be absolutely terrifying if that’s how many were actually shot. Edit: 20 MORTARS!!! DOOM!!! DEATH!!!


i will agree…7 is enough (with capacity)



ok same area, different landings

damn, I would love all of those mortars…



pssh. no freeplay.

sandbox. mortar launcher fires parachute combat trapjaws