Do the new owners of the game have a chance to earn the previous weekend challenge monster skins?


Hey guys! I currently purchased the PC monster race version of Evolve and found that the previous weekend challenge monster skins (voodoo skins, TR gold skins, frostbite skins, blood rock skin and etc) are exclusive to the old players and inaccessible to the in-game store.So, a simple question, do the new players of the game have a chance to earn those skins. If not, will 2k put them on sale after they release the full content of the game in March 2016? Dudes, I really admire the owners of those marvellous skins and long to use them on my own console, please help!


Most if not all challenge skins will be repeated in the future for those who have missed the previous event.

The only skin they’ve said they’ll never give away again is the TRS Gold Goliath skin. Besides that all others may be up for grabs at a future date.

So for you it may be possible to obtain the TRS Gold Skins for Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth, the Voodoo skins for all Monsters, along with the Frostbite skins and the Bloodrock ext.

However it is unlikely you’ll be getting another shot at the Gold, Frostbite, or Bloodrock skins since they were just recently given away and Bloodrock has been given away twice now.

@TheMountainThatRoars Any info I missed?


Thanks for the info! I’m wondering will those skins purchasable after they release the full content of the game?


At least not for a few months.

But my buddy @10shredder00 pretty much have you all the information.

All challenge skins are timed exclusives with the sole creation for the weekend challenges. They will NOT ever be put into the store.

Only one excluded from the timed exclusives portion is the TRS Gold Goliath.


Allllright, I feel special now. I’ve been playing evolve before release. (through Alpha, technical test, and beta)


:cry:What happens to those fans who are too young (under 14) to purchase the game in time? :sob:


But who even plays as regular goliath anymore?


Save up that money


Wow. Here comes the elite albinoGoliath… :sweat:


And your point


It’s a loss of opportunity then sadly. Can’t win them all


By the way, I approve of your username, @Lucifer71289 :smiley:


Of course you would. :stuck_out_tongue:


I play OG waaayyy more than Meteor Goliath. I don’t like relying on residual fire damage, I prefer to bash people with pure burst damage.


Yea, same here actually. I don’t feel like keeping up with the DOT on the hunters.

Meteor goliath is fun and I play him occasionally. But OG just feels more fun


Have you ever played as Meteor Goliath, and been domed on a river? It’s a freaking nightmare!!! DOT is nonexistent because they’re all just hopping in the water. Lol. It is a fun tactic to use against him as Hunter, but stresses me out to much as Monster to play him normally.

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Technically they should give one more opportunity for Golden Goliath because during the 2nd chances to pickup the Kraken/Wraith/Behemoth Gold skins they didn’t do Goliath gold when they said they would.


I believe that they’ve only ever said they were going to give the Gold Goliath skin away once to the original players. It’s a gift to the people who were there since the real beginning. All other gold skins are up for grabs.