Do the leaderboards "matter" to you?


Now, we have all had this discussion whether it had been on the forums, or in the game talking with friends. Does the leaderboards matter?

IMO leaderboards are the only thing that matters after lvl 40. It is something that gives you a sense of continuing. It adds to the game.

Tell me, what do you think about the leaderboards. Are you unhappy with them? Are you enjoying them?


They only matter to me in the sense that they make me feel a little better about my Hyde. Since I am the top Hyde in EU in that sense. >_>


Same with Torvald… :wink:


I don’t see the point in leaderboards. I understand some people derive some enjoyment out of trying to climb them, which is fine.


That kind of comment is exactly why other people don’t like leaderboards :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t care about them, but I was surprised when I checked the Bucket leaderboard and I found that I was number 13 in it xD


You have a very valid point.


They don’t really matter that much tbh, although i do like being #3 Caira globally :smile:

But yeah, they don’t really matter that much anyway imo.


I did the first 10 games for hunt 2.0 as a noob so I’m a bronze and since I only play quick play because hunt has such a long wait time I will stay a bronze forever

if I had a average team and average monster right now for my ten I would be high silver and least

I’m conclusion they should get rid of hunt ranking


I’m not a fan of teh leaderboards. So what if I’m not an MLG Pro top twenty on the list. I can keep my team alive for very long periods of time. I can dome a S1 monster. I don’t think it should matter if I’m better or worse than others. I think that applies to everyone else. The only thing that matters is your sportsmanship and teamwork.


Was playing with a bunch of silver skilled people earlier, I was teaching them and coaching them.
They all started talking about leaderboards and how they were 200+ in their characters.

They were like “Demon, you have any high number characters?”

I said " yeah… My Torvald is #9"


They flipped.


Also it’s hard to get high unless you play a character right when they are realeased and don’t stop playing them. I decided to play Lazarus after taking a long break from evolve and I won so many games in a row. I’m still far down in leaderboards because I haven’t played for a while and I like to switch off characters and not focus on one character.


I hadn’t actually started playing Torvald until a couple weeks before the gravity update with Torvald.

I made it happen.
But yes, I agree it is difficult.


Do you have a clan/team


This is true, I’ve played and mained Caira since launch, still haven’t stopped with it and now i have like 650-something wins with her even though I’ve stopped playing pubs or ranked for over a month and im still #3 by a mile.

If you don’t play a character since it’s release you don’t really have a good chance of getting on the leaderboards with them.

Nvm, got ninja’d by Torvald. But yeah very dificult indeed ^^


I was 1st with tech sgt. Hank for a day but then he got really boring so I stopping playing him last I checked in 17


To me? Nope, I don’t really care.


I’d say it’s a love/hate relationship right now with them.

At least on Xbox, they don’t always record your wins with a character. Specifically my Jack, which means I’m only like #60 or so. It says I have around 70 wins but that number seems very low to me, and more like the number of games I won with him in August alone.

I never really look at the # of deaths either because some of my characters have a lot of them from me dying to try helping friends elite their Medics.


I don’t like that it lists wins/deaths… should be wins/loses.

Besides eliting new adaptions I wish there was something else to earn after 40… like 41.


I have team. Team Orb-Mor.

_#2 Hank
_#4 Maggie
_#9 Torvald