Do the kaiju work together?


So they have been sent probably by colonists (who are most likely higher beings) to exterminate the vermin humans to settle on this planet? So many questions I have I do apologize. So are they like all on the same side? The kraken should stay on goliath’s good side to remain aliveemphasized text


… wow

10 chars


“In the distant future, humanity has traveled to distant far off planets, colonized many worlds, fought in many wars. But none of that compares to the planet Shear. While attempting to colonize the world, mankind has discovered malevolent alien monsters that do not take too kindly to having their territory invaded, and attack the colonies in an attempt to drive off the invaders. A team of elite Hunters, consisting of war veterans, psychopaths, professionals and expendables have been assembled to wipe out the monsters.”

Also that the next planet to Shear is 9 months (?) away and the Hunters have no reinforcements coming, they either kill the Monster now before it gets in and kills the Colony, or they die trying to protect it.


Is that the story for this game or did you just make that up?


That is plot summary for the game.


Turtle already said they will have a driven narrative that would give answers. Whether it will be an actual campaign or what we saw with Titanfall, no one really knows. At least from what I have gathered.